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Harry Potter Exhibition + Science Centre

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Ahhhh, terribly sorry for not blogging yesterday…was insanely tired after I got home and just went to sleep at like 11 O_O BUT BUT I’ll make it up by putting pictures for this blog ^^ I decided not to put these pictures of Facebook because:

1. I wasn’t supposed to take pictures, and FB is pretty public.
2. Darned FB uploader is stupid and slow, and
3. FB lowers the quality of the photos.


Soooo, I didn’t get much sleep the night before, even though I was pretty tired from Sari’s party thing, but I woke up at 5:30, took a nice shower, ate some Advil and then just waited until Andrew came to pick me up. He arrived at around 9:15ish, and then we got to the Science Centre at around 10 ^^ It was such a nice day XD! I haven’t been to the Science Centre since like…grade 9, so I was pretty excited XD Anyway, we purchased this combo thing, so the HP Exhibit, the Science Centre, and 1 IMAX film for $35. We decided to watch the Grand Canyon Adventure at 12pm, and our tickets for the exhibit were for 1:30pm. The nice man at the desk gave me 10$ too much in change, so I gave it back *halo pops out*

So off we went! The lady at the entrance asked us for our tickets and Andrew held up his ticket for the film thing and the HP exhibit, and I think she mistook one of them for mine…so technically I still had a ticket to go back at the end of the day…not sure how that really works since you rip both sides of the ticket? Now I’m just discombobulating myself. Ok. Down the hallway full of rocks and that giant timeline of the Earth’s history there were flags of the 4 HP houses XD Andrew suggested I should take pictures of them and then connect them to tag people on FB, which I did XD We wandered around the 4th floor of the Science Centre for a bit, since we had time. Had lots of fun looking at that whole maze/contraption/railway ball thing. Wow I’m so descriptive, I’ll put a picture after. I also spotted a useless pot…Andrew and I couldn’t figure out why it was there. After that, we went into the space section ^^ Andrew tried to make a joke about girls and iron, but he realized he couldn’t when I told him the symbol for iron is Fe and not Ir =P Ahaha XD This place never changes, I remember it from the last time I was here. We had trouble finding the 5th floor, so we went to the 6th floor and hung there for a bit. Saw this section for people to make paper planes and they had to try and make it fly through signs and hit a target, which Andrew later demonstrated was pretty easy, but I guess quite challenging for little kids? XD Or maybe he’s just pro at making paper planes XD Also saw a robot-fish thing, which was solar powered XD It looked pretty cool =) Couldn’t stay here too long, though, it was time for the IMAX film =)

It was around 11:40 when we went back up to the 1st floor to where the IMAX theatre was. Andrew noticed that the film about the Hubble was narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio and he wanted to see that one, but we already had the ticket for the Grand Canyon, but that’s alright. We got pretty good seats, and the screen was pretty impressive XD Took a picture even though I wasn’t supposed to, but OH WELL. It looks like a giant marble o.o The film wasn’t THAT great, I kinda got a mini headache halfway through cuz some of the images were a little curved, but that’s alright. I wanna go rafting/kayaking now o.o IT LOOKS SO DANGEROUSLY FUN 8D Mhmm, the whole film was mainly talking about the importance of water and how we should conserve it *nods* But of course we all know that already and are taking short showers and not using dishwashers or over-watering our lawns, right? *ahem*

After the film, we went back to wander for a bit and then IT WAS TIME FOR THE EXHIBIT WHEEEEEE. But first I spotted the HP gift shop so I went in there XD Snapped some pictures because photos ARE permitted in the gift shop…I think everyone thought I was some die-hard fan because of it. It looked really pretty XD I saw a lot of cool things, but more on that later. EXHIBIT TIMEEEEEE.

WE WERE FIRST IN LINE FOR THE 1:30 EXHIBIT. Which isn’t really a big deal cuz our group was small, maybe like 20 people or so. That’s alright, though. Apprently you could pay an extra $5 for an audio tour, but we didn’t do that. OK. SO WE WENT IN AND THE FIRST THING WE DID WAS get welcomed by someone who I think was trying to cosplay as Professor McGonagall. YES I SAID COSPLAY HAHA. Yeah, she stopped us and showed us the SORTING HAT and a few people got to try it on and she asked them which house they wanted to belong to, and then a voice said the house. Pretty cool, out of the 3 people, 2 wanted Ravenclaw huhuhu 8D OK, DONE SORTING HAT, TIME TO ENTER THE ROOOOOOOOOOOOOM. We were led into another room where there were like 8 mini TV screen things, showing us parts of the film and then once it was done, another guide said come this way and SUDDENLY OUT OF THE FOG AND STUFF YOU SEE THE HOGWARTS EXPRESS (cuz while we were watching the clips, a curtain rose to our left). I wanted to take a picture of it, but I didn’t…too dark anyway. BUT YEAH, THAT WAS COOL. Ok, we’re inside the exhibit now ^^

I wish the exhibit was longer ;_; I saw a lot of interesting things, all the uniforms and robes, the paintings (there was a video of the Fat Lady), sets like Harry and Ron’s room, the herbology place, the closet that the Boggart came out of, the creepy pink room of Delores Umbridge, the potions room thing…I really like all the details, from the unique wand designs (|Voldemort’s wand is pretty cool!), the writing on parchment, the wizard books like Gilderoy Lockhart’s many autobiographies, and some of his “quizzes” haha, the Marauder’s map (WHICH IS SOOOO COOL BTW…opened it up at the gift shop…IT’S HUGE!), quills and parchment…I could go on forever. We also go to pull Mandrakes out of pots! They made the crying noises, too XD And we also got to throw Quaffles into hoops, which Andrew had a lot of fun with =P Also saw Buckbeak, a small Acromantula, the head of the Horntail, A BABY THESTRAL<3 *Andrew groans in disgust*, Hagrid’s hut/room, the giant Pawn and Rook from the chess board, the statue of the creepy angel thing with scythe, Kretcher (who looked really funny…), a petrified Colin (hahaha!), Tom Riddle’s diary, newspaper clippings, more robes and uniforms, the Triwizard cup and the pretty casket thing…the Grand Hall was a little disappointing, kinda small but yeah, good effort. I also saw Fawkes! Couldn’t take a picture of it, though ;_; Saw all those candy things like the Chocolate Frogs and Puking Pastilles, the chocolate desserts from the movies (which looked really delicious to Andrew) and lots more. Gahhhh I really wish they would allow photography…then I wouldn’t have to sneak so many and then they wouldn’t have been blurry. The exhibit ends up in the gift shop, which was designed similar to DIAGON ALLEY AHHHHH! Even had headings like Ollivanders and stuff, can’t remember the names but I’ll put pictures XD I wanted to buy a Ravenclaw scarf…that was the ONLY thing I really wanted, but they didn’t have any ;_; I saw lots of quills for sale, wands for sale, which, by the way, were like $50 each >_> Also saw clothing, plushies, pins, lots of figurines, a really cool chess set, junk food, mini replicas of many things like the racing brooms, and full-scale replicas of things, LIKE GODRIC GRYFFINDOR’S SWORD. Gosh that was pretty, it was like $239 though ;_; Yeah, I got myself a set of pins, and then we went back to exploring the rest of the Science Centre ^^

We went back to the fourth floor, and that was when Andrew made his paper plane XD It was a lot quieter now, guess all the little kiddies had to go home. Poked around a bit, Andrew had fun with stop-motion animation…didn’t really know what this room was for…it was just a bunch of little tables and each one had like a different activity thing on it. After that, went to the human body section ON THE 5TH FLOOR cuz we found it haha, and I saw a giant elephant heart o.o Didn’t stay long here, though, since it looked like it was closing and we only had day tickets? We went back outside and IT WAS STILL SO NICE AND SUNNY (XD) and I took a picture of Andrew with his head in a box ._. He did the same for me XD Ahaha, after that, we decided to get something to eat, since Andrew was hungry, and since my house was apparently only 16 minutes away, we headed towards there because Andrew remembered a small nearby plaza thing, which might have some food places. Traffic sucked, and halfway we decided to go to P-mall instead haha. Andrew hadn’t been here since his last time…back in…January? =O Hehe, he got his hands on “the bread thing”, which was egg waffles, and then he ate an actual meal, which I helped finish =w= After that, I had to get my passport photo taken, and then we went to my house =) My dad invited Andrew to sit with him to watch a soccer match, so while they did that I uploaded the picture from my camera to my computer, and then after Andrew and I looked at them he went home.

PICTURE TIMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! They’re blurry and they suck because the camera was in my pocket, thus a lot of the photos are at like waist level ;_; Many of the photos are pretty dark too, because it was way too dark in there, and obviously flash photography would just give me away. Wow, I haven’t wrote a post this long in a while.

S C I E N C E    C E N T R E

The cool maze/contraption/railway ball thing!

The pot. Andrew and I couldn’t figure out it’s purpose…

Andrew’s head is on fire! DX!

Inside the IMAX theatre ^^ That’s an LG commercial o.o

The Weasley’s car! It was floating at the entrance.

Andrew playing the LOTR theme on a keyboard. Water squirted out to the rhythm.

Some cool water thing!

Andrew’s head in a box.

My head in a box XD

H A R R Y    P O T T E R    E X H I B I T I O N
Holy screw I can’t believe I resized each one of these and added captions -_- These are not all the pictures, most of them were way too blurry.

Ginny’s uniform.

More uniforms o.o

Hermione’s uniforms and casual clothes. They were SOOOOO tiny, pretty sure she’s not that small in real life…

Hermione’s wand and TIME-TURNER!

Snape’s robes, and potions’ class set.

Slughorn’s robes, some potions in the background.

Harry and Ron’s uniform, with golden egg in the middle.

Harry’s uniform.

The evil pink room of Umbridge.

How the sets were places in the exhibit.

Wow, such a clear image. That’s an evil pixie and Lockhart’s robes.

Robes again, I like them =)

The Lockhart quizzes =P “What is Gilderoy Lockhart’s favourite colour?”

Half of the giant Jack-in-the-box thing, and the wardrobe that the Boggart was hiding in.

Lupin’s robes.


Andrew pulling a Mandrake.

Blurry ;_; The Quidditch Cup stuff.

Yay for Quidditch!

Buckbeak! And the casual clothes of half of Hermione, Ron and Harry from the 3rd film. That’s my sleeve cuff in the way >_>

Half of Hagrid’s clothes, this was inside his hut.

Hagrid’s hut again. The dragon egg was wired to shake every few seconds! XD

Hagrids hut again.

The Monster Book of Monsters, top right.

Draco’s Quidditch robes.

More Quidditch robes! Madam Hooch, The Bulgarian and Irish team robes, and Seeker and Keeper robes?

And again. The set on the left was the Quaffle-throwing place.

Andrew throwing a Quaffle…BUT WHERE’S THE QUAFFLE?! o.o

More robes and uh…some statue that is supposed to have the names of cool Quidditch
people…but actually didn’t have names on it and were just pieces of paper.

More Quidditch robes!

AHAHAHA…the Centaurs…oh I fail hahaha!

Baby Thestral and small scale Acromantula at the back.

HORNTAIL…and the much less cooler Acromantula.

Horntail again =)

Statue of a Petrifed Colin and Voldemort’s robes.

Tom’s diary and Colin’s camera.

Public notice talking about the dangers of Sirius Black and how to protect yourself at night?

Quirrel’s robes and Harry’s casual clothes are at the back.

Blurry Draco’s uniform and Lucius’ robes.

Side view of the Angel of Death statue thing because in front of it had way too many security cameras.

The wall of the decrees issued by Umbridge.
I stopped taking photos here, right when I entered the Grand Hall because security was tight.

T H E   G I F T    S H O P


The…giant sign right beside the gift shop and exhibit that you can’t miss? 8D Darned poles.


Some things on sale, like scarves AND GODRIC GRYFFINDOR’S SWORD.

Quills on sale XD And some bookmarks.

A mini Triwizard cup, Goblet of Fire, and sword.

You could buy the Philosopher’s stone for $129.99. RIP OFF -_-

I really like how they used the store names from the book XD

I spot a Gryffindor scarf and DA T-shirt.

I see more scarves ;_; AND NONE ARE RAVENCLAW ;_;

More merchandise. That darned kid in the blue KNEW I was gonna take a picture.
He was about to walk away, saw me, and then went back to pretending to be interested in over-priced things.


Quills ^^

Andrew likes the Elder Wand o.o

Andrew playing with the wands.

Harry’s Wand.

Hermione’s wand. It was pretty =)

Cho Chang’s wand that looks like a retarded flute. Sorry if you like it =P

Key chains o.o And Harry’s glasses hahaha!

More merchandise ahhhh! I’m running out of captions.

A cool chess set ^^ It’s extra cool because it saved me from running out of captions.

OMG THE MARAUDER’S MAP. It was $50 ;_;

The front. This sample one was wrinkly and bent.

Andrew holding it for me so I could take a picture of it…wouldn’t all fit in my camera though ;_;

Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans and Fudge Flies.

Pins/badges and coins! I wanted to buy all three ;_;

Close up of the Galleon, Sickle and Knut =)

Pins! I only bought this one. I wonder why Slytherin and Ravenclaw only have 1 colour for their background?

HOLY SCREW I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS BLOG TOOK ME LIKE…3 hours -_- Darned picture uploading to Photobucket and resizing…*sigh* Mhmm, it was a wonderful day XD *copies and pastes everything onto Microsoft Word incase it doesn’t publish again* Oh look, it froze.



  Whitney wrote @

YOU WENT WITHOUT MEEEEE???*pure sadness* =(

  Thavisha wrote @

OMGGG I REALLY WANT TO GO NOW! :D It looks like you had so much fun! I shall one day by myself Gryffindor’s sword. >:DBahahahahaha I’m so jealous of you :D

  Nike wrote @

Don’t overdose yourself with Advil! XDWOW! HP exhibit looks pretty fun! Way to go on snapping those pics from your pocket!

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