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Sari’s Surprise Birthday!

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MUAHAHA. We got him! He wasn’t expecting sushi at all! Ahhhh so yeah, what happened? Sooo…basically Sarah and I had planned a surprise birthday thing for Sari. We told him we wanted to go to Limeridge with him, though I think he kinda knew we had something up our sleeves. I told everyone to meet at Mills at noon instead of the Student Centre, because Sari told me he needed to do some OSAP thingy. Anyway, so yeah, everyone came, we all signed his card at Mills along with the little kittens, and then Sarah and I went ahead to meet up with Sari at 1. Ronnie came a few minutes later, and we stood around talking about FIFA to buy time for everyone else to come and then Thomas glomped Sari from behind haha. And then I broke Sari’s heart by telling him we actually reserved a table at Sapporo’s! XD
So off we went =D Our table was for 2pm, and we arrived there right on time. Andrew D arrived literally 30 seconds after we all sat down, and Sari almost cried when he saw him, cuz you know, they’re close like that ;D He quickly signed the card and kitten and we gave it to Sari, who was quite surprised I think XD Hehe, so yeah, good sushi times! Sari ate soooo much…holy…Andrew said it best, if a pizza restaurant saw him coming they’d suddenly go on break and wouldn’t return until Sari left haha. I’m surprised we managed to finish most of the food, except the tenpura, but that’s ok XD Ahhh, and scary talk about creepy movies O_O Oh, and Sari got his chocolate cake! =D Wasn’t really his birthday, but it’s ok, the waiters don’t have to know =w= It’s too bad almost everyone had work or class right after, so we all just parted at around 4. I headed back to McMaster with Ronnie, Ming, Sari and Amy, but Sari got off at McDonalds, and now I’m blogging since I just finished uploading the pictures XD
Ahh…can’t wait for tomorrow! Another blog coming up hehe, wow I’m on a roll. Mother nature why do you hate me so?


  Thavisha wrote @

Awww haha that was an adorable post, I can’t help but smile. =) Write more~ :D

  Nike wrote @

Hmm…. Let me guess? HARRY POTTER: THE EXHIBITION!!! Also, no, you’re wrong…. I’m the one on the roll! XD

  Fushi wrote @

@Nike: Indubitably. And no, I’m on a roll. *rolls down a hill*

  Thavisha wrote @

Is the hill covered in snow? Because then you’d turn into a giant snow boulder!

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