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Anime North 2010

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AHHHHH. Another AN has come and gone. Goodness…I’ve been going since grade 8. Ok, so let’s do some recapping ^^
I went to AN at…around 1ish. Yeah. And everything opens at like 5pm? Ahaha, I was Dead Master today ^^ Since I arrived early, I had to be a hobo for a little while in the car with my parents because they refused to let me wait in the lobby of the Double Tree or wait in line. Half an hour later, I managed to make them drop me off at the hotel anyway, and Michelle came down and I went up to her room =) BIGGGGGGGGG ROOM. Yeah. Then Nicholas texted, so I met up with him, and then we waited in line. I BROKE MY SCYTHE AS SOON AS I LEFT THE HOTEL. Stupid wind. ANYWAY. I didn’t buy much on Friday, several Pokemon keychains and magnets. I met up later with Bianca, Brandon and Brian, and we went to Harveys and chilled. Aarathi, Sarah, and Thavisha came later, and we kept chilling until we saw MARIO, or rather, Matthew! He makes a very good Mario! After that, met up with Andrew and then we all just…went around the place ^^ I BUMPED INTO JENNIFER. Wicked Allen cosplay XD Didn’t hang with her, though, she disappeared after I turned around O_O. I didn’t go into Dealers Room on Friday either. AND OMG, MY FEET HURT LIKE HELL. 5 blisters. Holy screw. I hate heels. BUT I MUST. BECAUSE IT’S FOR COSPLAY DX. Did I mention my pathetically curled hair? *sigh* It annoyed me the whole day cuz it was puffy and I felt like I had an afro. Hmm, well not too much to say about Friday, parents came to pick me up at 10:30, then I went home and fixed up my Rinoa costume.
Good day! COMFY RINOA COSTUME WHEEEEEEEE. And POCKETS. Gosh I love pockets. It’s so handy to have them. Ok. Saturday. I arrived at…uh. When did I arrive? ANYWAY. Met up with everyone BY THE SECOND ICE CREAM TRUCK. Took a few pictures with Jennifer, who was being Len from Vocaloid! SHE MADE THE KEYTAR AHHHH! And I spotted Stephen who was being Squall! After that, we FLEW TO THE DEALER’S ROOM! What was new this year? Hmm…I noticed a lot of tables selling contacts. I WANTED TO BUY PURPLE CONTACTS. BUT THEY DIDN’T HAVE PERSCRIPTION ONES *sobs* So yeah, didn’t buy purple contacts. I didn’t really look around too much actually…I know I thought the free burger thing from Harvey’s was today, but noooooo, it wasn’t. I bought 2 Clamp mini art books. Or what I THOUGHT were artbooks. Turns out it’s some mix of pictures/profiles/comics strips and stuff. I like them ^^ Bought one for Amy, too! And R2D2 was here today! Andrew and Mario…I MEAN MATTHEW took a picture with it. At some point in time, we all decided to go eat sushi. IT WAS SO HOT IN THERE. I had udon ^^FOR THE FIRST TIME IN YEARRRRRRRRS. Muahahaha. After that, went to the MJC meet up under the flag poles…but not too many people came =( That’s alright, snapped a few quick photos and then we all went on our merry ways again. Oh. I went to some panel on future wars with Andrew^2. I’ll just say, the room was nice and cool. I know I missed the JE panel…Aarathi and Sarah said it was fun. I also failed at faking to lose my badge so I could get one for Natasha. Well, at least Ivana and Jennifer failed with me. Ahahaha, at 9ish, went to a panel on Studio Ghibli. I never go to panels. This is quite new. Least it was better than the one on wars. *ducks as Andrew^2 throws something at me* Wow, such short blogs. I left at 10:30 again.
Short day =( Went there late, couldn’t really see anyone ;_; And Sarah wasn’t feeling too well, so she didn’t come =( Wow, I hardly saw anyone today, but I DID buy contacts. They still didn’t have purple…BUT THEY HAD PERSCRIPTIONS. It was 2 pairs for $60, so I bought myself a blue pair, and Aarathi preordered her purple pair. Then the nice lady was like, I can give you another pair for $20. I think she said this because I was the only customer with bad enough eyesight buying the -4.00 perscription lenses. She only had them in gray, black, and hazel, though, so I went with hazel. After that, went to Kelseys with Aarathi, Andrew and Mario ^^ BECAUSE STUPID HARVEY’S DIDN’T HAVE THE FREE BURGER THING. Anyway, when I walked in, this group of kids at a table stared at me. It was probably because of my VK scythe. I dragged Matthew in and then they were all like “OMGGGGGGG IT’S MARIO!” Ahaha, they even asked for pictures XD Anyway, I tried on my contacts once we sat down. I LIKE THEM LOTS! They last one year. Then Thavisha came! And we all just chilled =w= Went back into the Dealer’s Room for the final time and then we just sat around. And took creepy stalker photos. Ahahaha! Thavisha gave me a cool Claymore necklace ^^ Never seen that show, but the necklace looks cool =D Oh, I got a hall costume award along with Matthew and Aarathi! Woot! I left early on Sunday, parents picked me up at 5:30, and now I’m home looking at the pictures.
This blog is so fail because it’s so short. 
And like every year, a list of my purchases:
5 Pokemon keychains – $10
3 Pokemon Magnets – $2 (I think?)
3 mini Clamp artbooks – $9
4 stickers – $2
1 Dead Master mini print – $1
2 pairs of contacts – $50
Wow, I’m so proud of myself. And now I’m sick. *sneezes and blows nose*
UPDATE: PICTURE TIME! These are not all the pictures, the rest are on Facebook.
Brian as Gin and Brandon as Kurogane!
I made them do that.
Aarathi as Emma and Sarah as Kay!
Jennifer as Allen and myself as Dead Master =)
Kevin as Gray and Michelle as Juvia!
Group photo =)
Jennifer as Kagamine Len from Vocaloid!
I found a Squall! And it was Stephen!
Rustam as Travis Touchdown! I like this angle *bows*
Vic as Noctis and Sheila as Lightning!
Sheila’s sword could be folded into a gun!
Sushi times! Aarathi, Sarah and Thavisha~
The other end of the table: Andrew, me and Matthew =)
Group picture =D Look at Andrew! XD
The MJC meet up! This picture makes me smile XD
Brian, Bianca and Brandon in their Luminous Arc cosplays!
Katelynn as Sailor Moon and myself =)
Cianna as Suiseiseki from Rozen Maiden!



Vic as Noctis and myself as Yuuki =)
Waiting for our table at Kelsey’s. Ahaha, I like their expressions XD
Group photo! We rock!
Cynthia as Rin and Jennifer as Len!
The creepy stalker photos hahaha!
Thavisha being a creeper in the back with the evil Mario mask XD
Nicholas looks high!
I found a Kaname! But I left my scythe on the chair.
I found Manz (as Chrome) just before I was about to leave!
M Y    P U R C H A S E S 

My Pokemon keychains and magnets XD

CLAMP no Kiseki!

Stickers of Suiseiseki, Black Rock Shooter, Taiga Aisaka, and Megurine Luka.

The only accurate DM thing I saw.
I wasn’t going to buy it, but then I felt bad after the sellers pointed it out to me.

My contacts! Brown (though it looks orange/hazel) and blue!
They ran out of purple ;_;

3 awesome things about this picture:
Coloured contacts. Ice cap. VK cosplay.



  Nike wrote @

PLEASE MOSAIC MY FACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DX

  Thavisha wrote @

Bahwaha (I dunno what happened to that laugh.. it just kinda came out!). Anyway, that was fun to read :D AN was so much fun, I was sad to see it end! You’re also such a fun person to be around bwahahaha. It was nice and fun :)

  Whitney wrote @

where did jen get her keyboard guitar??? did she make it? it is soooooo win =3and u are always so win as always!too bad didn’t get to go to AN this year *sniff* looks like u guys had fun and got a lot of cute stuff =3

  Fushi wrote @

@Nike: No =P@Whitney: Yeah, she made it! XD

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