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Souvenirs + Pacific Mall

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AHHHHH. So, my mom came back from China/Beijing/Shanghai on Tuesday but I didn’t get to see her until today because I was in Hamilton. She picked Amy and I up from York University (did I mention we caught the 7:35am GO bus, and I didn’t sleep that night 8D I couldn’t sleep on the bus either) and we headed back to my house…WHERE SO MANY THINGS AWAITED ME @_@ Ahhhh my relatives apparently spazzed on me…I’ll post pics of some of my souvenirs in a bit…but yeah. Holy screw. I got like…283878 new shirts, belts, accessories…STUFF. MY FAVOURITE THING? NEW MP3 PLAYER. AHHH! I’ve wanted one since I lost my old one…which I loved very much. But this one’s a nice light pink as well, just not silvery like my last one. ANYWAY. I like this one cuz it has a direct USB plug teehee XD! I’ll skip the whole list of stuff I got today.
After Amy helped bring everything to my room, we went to Pacific Mall! She was really excited haha, we arrived there at around 12-ish, so not many stores were open, so instead we went to eat at Japanese Express XD After that, we wandered around, lots of window shopping because I FORGOT MY WALLET AT HOME DX! Ack! But yeah, that might have been a good thing. Amy got obsessed with boxes o.o She purchased 3 today XD Amy also really wanted to buy this VK necklace, but she didn’t. AND WE BOTH SAW AN AWESOME POCKET WATCH. Did I mention I love pocket watches? Yeah. Ahaha, after Pacific Mall, we scooted over to Market Village, and then to CURRY’S! YAY! Amy likes that place ^^ It’s so awesome ^_^ Hmm…at around 4:45pm, my dad came to pick us up, and then we went to this dollar store near my house, Petsmart, and Michael’s. Goodness. I’m actually kind of tired right now. Amy’s having fun going through my drawers of stuff, waiting for my mom to drive her home. PICTURE TIME, because from now one my blog will not just be text. Oh wait, gotta drive Amy now. OK I’M BACK! XD

NEW MP3 PLAYER XD! I like it lots cuz it’s pink ^^
You can pull them out and rewind them XD!

Yeah, everyone who knows me knows I have this obsession with keys.
And wings and crosses and crowns and stars. But not hearts.
And a new-found love for cameras.

Belts. Ahhhh. I don’t know when I started liking them.
They’re so much more awesome than the ones here.



  Nike wrote @

Those earphones are so ****(can’t find a word for it)! XD!

  Fushi wrote @

@Nike: You censored the word "dumb" didn’t you? DX!

  Thavisha wrote @

I think he meant cute XP

  Nike wrote @

I meant cute, but also wanted to describe it with funny…. So it’s inbetween cute and funny! XD

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