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Hmmm, there is a cleaning lady here at the house. AHHHHH IT’S SO COLD. Wow, ADHD right there. My room has been the epitome of a freezer lately. I need to get myself a Calcifer. ANYWAY. This blog will cover a lot of things.
What did I do yesterday? It was Mother’s Day yesterday. I didn’t call my mom, but I sent her an email? >_> Lame, I know. I don’t even know how to reach her to be honest. She called me this morning, asked how I was doing and all that. SHE FOUND OUT MY COUSIN ADDED ME ON FACEBOOK. I hope she doesn’t make an account now. Talked about my relatives and what not…apparently my 2nd cousin is taller than me now. And she’s 15.
I didn’t accomplish much this week. Finished what I could for my Japanese homework that’s due on Thursday, also went to Fortinos on the most windy day possible. Bad choice, but my supply of oatmeal was running low. OH OH OH I FINALLY DECIDED ON MY LAST COSPLAY FOR ANIME NORTH. Dead Master, from Black Rock Shooter XD! OMG I’M SO EXCITED. Awesome scythe yeahhhhhhh. I hope I have enough time to work on it, since I’m still working on Rinoa @_@ What else…erm…I finished ARTEMIS FOWL. Holy screw, good book *nods wisely* AH. It reminds me of Kuroshitsuji XD Mainly cuz friggen Artemis is like Ciel, and they’re both geniuses and rich little kids with an awesome butler. Mhmmm, I started on the second one yesterday, the Arctic Incident, and found out the last book in the series is coming out this June? I have the first 4 books (woot for 2 dollar sales at Titles!) They really should turn the books, or at least the first one anyway, into a movie. Omg…it would be soooo cool.
SPEAKING OF MOVIES. (Mmmm these chocolate chip cookies are good)
I saw Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow yesterday with Andrew ^^ HOLY SCREW AGAIN, very good movie. Ahhhh, good thing it wasn’t too scary, very comic book-like and Indiana Jones-like, and just overall really fun to watch. Funny scenes here and there, hahaha, apparently like 90% of the movie was green screen o.o I’m totally recommending it to my parents…wonder if they like that sort of stuff.
And hmmm, it’s almost 2. Going to the mall later with Sari. Apparently he wants "a shoe".
EDIT: Ok, so I found out Sari only wanted to go to the mall with me cuz he had to gimme my belated birthday present…hahaha. It’s a really adorable bunny plushie XD Here’s the link: It came with a pin! Thanks, Sari, hahaha, you really had me fooled =P


  K. wrote @

last cosplay? o___o"which 3 cosplays are you doing?! TELL ME. GO GO GO.i ate chocolate chip cookies last night too.they’re the ‘reverse decadent’ kinds. where the cookie’s cocoa, and the chips are white chocolate. 8D

  K. wrote @

and you’re doing this person?

  Fushi wrote @

@K. YES YES. YOU GOT THE RIGHT PICTURE! I’m being Dead Master on Friday, Rinoa on Saturday (with Whitney as my Tifa! XD) and I’m being Yuuki again on Sunday (with my friend as Zero XD)

  Whitney wrote @

hawwwwwt. fan expo = dead master & brs epic-nessss??? i hope so! i’m not much excited for anime north this year =Pand ive been wanting to read artemis fowl for AGES-ness. like probabli since 5 years ago LOL.

  Fushi wrote @

@Whitney: YES. BRS AND DM WIN DURING FANEXPO. And you should read Artemis Fowl! You’d love it XD

  Thavisha wrote @


  Fushi wrote @


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