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Pangaea 2010

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OMG. WHAT’S THIS?! A blog that’s written on the right day. OK.
UM. I don’t know where to begin. Pangaea was amazing. Took a few year off my life, yes, indubitably, but worth it. So much planning and stress and food and being sleep deprived. Ahhhhh I’m soooo tired, but I have to finish up my lab and study for my lab exam tomorrow. I shall most definitely continue this blog sometime this week.
Update – March 2
Ahhh ok. I shall blog now since my hectic week is finally done…lab exam done, got my failed Hydrology midterm back, awesome awesome. Couldn’t blog last night, went over to Andrew’s and watched Batman, the Dark Knight I think, and HOLY SCREW. SCARYYYYYYYYY >< I don’t even wanna think about it, I was hiding most of the time, and it was a movie that required thinking, which I’m sure all of you know I am not adept at…Andrew had to pause the movie a few times to explain to me what was happening haha, but hopefully I still remember everything from Pangaea XD I shall split this up.
F R I D A Y, February 26
Friday was when the performance people met up and decided to do our own little rehearsal. Sadly not many people could make it, but we ran through it a few times and got to know the song, which, by the way, is extremely awesome, good job, Kevin! I remember Amy and I speed working on our 2 labs before going to the rehearsal at 5. I managed to get a bit done, but didn’t finish, oh well. So yeah, at the rehearsal, we basically tried on all the costumes, making sure they fitted people, added finishing touches and discussed poses and timing and what not. We were all just really excited XD I got to wear Lexi’s archery uniform! AHHH! It’s a little big on me, but I felt so awesome in it XD After that, went back home and managed to finish up my Google Earth lab at like 5am in the morning.
S A T U R D A Y, February 27
Michelle and I were supposed to go set up the room at 10am, but the darned Pangaea people kept changing the times last minute, and it was just a really hectic day. In the end, we didn’t really set anything up. Set up was supposed to be from 10am till 1pm, and the dress rehearsal from 1pm to 4pm before they changed it, and then everything got pushed back, with set up being from 12pm, which is really stupid, cuz that means everyone would only get an hour to set up and then they’d have to rush to the dress rehearsal. So yea, we pretty much left the room without doing anything, but at least the dress rehearsal went nicely =) We figured out the placing of people, timing, and the poses and what everyone would be doing and ran through it 3 times. After that, which was around 5pm, Amy and I headed back to try and finish up our labs, but instead I vaccuumed and cleaned because the volunteers for food making were coming at 7ish. Fun times! It was so win. We had 5 rice cookers going, lots of knives and cutting boards everywhere, win win win…(this makes me sound like I’m crazy) Ahhhh it was mad cooking and jokes all around, I think we finished at 3:30 in the morning XD I helped make maki rolls and dango XD OMG DANGO. They were adorable! It took forever to get the colours right, and the sauce needed many attempts, too hahaha. We definitely made way too much dango though, since we decided to shrink them and make mini ones, incase people didn’t like them. And I kept eating the daikon radish that was supposed to be for the maki XD Hmm…so yeah, Jacob and Amanda decided to crash at my place, and I finally fell asleep at around 4:30 in the morning.
S U N D A Y, February 28
Ok. Hectic day much? I woke up late, at 7:05am, and I was supposed to meet Sarah at 7:30, so I quickly texted her to meet at 7:45 instead, because I had to shower but Amy was in the shower ;_; It turns out Sarah overslept as well, though XD We both met up at around 7:50 and walked the icy road to Michelle’s. We got there at around 8, and once there we helped make the fortunes for the omikuji, and after Michelle’s printer finally decided to behave, she started preparing for the takoyaki demonstration while Sarah, Kevin and I went over to Andrew’s to help carry his stuff to the student centre because he was heading over to my place to make Soba with Amy, Jacob and Amanda. Poor Kevin had to carry the 50 pound box full of booklets. He tried making use of the icy road but it didn’t really help haha. We managed to catch the bus, and I texted Ronnie to meet us at the bus stop at around 8:45 to help Kevin. So yay, we all finally arrived at the student centre at 8:50am, with Pangaea officially opening at 10:30. We rushed to set up like mad, making lots of phone calls to various people to bring things and buy things, namely Rustam to go to Canadian Tire to buy the twine and masking tape, since he had a car XD Ok, so set up was finally done, lots of creativity going on, such as turning the projector screen into a GIANT Japanese flag (win, Kevin), and the wooden fortunes for the omikuji box was made from the extra dango stick things. Awesome awesome, the food came in on time, and everything was alright. Lots more rushing later on during the day for changing costumes for the performance people, confusion with ticket sales, shift extensions, and lots of picture taking by yours truely 8D I also got to wear Justine’s yellow furisode again (long sleeves are soooo win) since my kimono was on display and Amy was wearing my yukata XD And Michelle tied my obi really nicely ^^I didn’t visit all the pavillions, because I wanted to walk around more later…but never got to it. I tried to take pictures of all the pavillion rooms, and I also ran up to random performance people and took pictures with them XD Thanks Phil for being my photographer! I DID visit Croatia, with their huge room and FRESH VEAL MUAHAHA OMGGG IT WAS SOOO GOOD. They copied our gyouza idea with the heating plate, but oh well. They also had this yummy blueberry eggy thing…BUT THE VEAL OMGGG…I took three samples 8D I also discovered a love for pickles ._. The Polish pavillion had really yummy pickles…and this is coming from someone who doesn’t like pickles. They had awesome sasauges, too. Hmm what else… oh yes! MJC PWNS CUZ WE HAD LIVE TAKOYAKI DEMONSTRATIONS MUAHAHAHA. I remember yelling in the hallways advertising it and telling people to come to our room haha XD Awesome awesome. Ok, fast forward in a time to our performance, both our performances were decent enough. We did a fashion show this year showcasing various Japanese fashion styles from the traditional kimono to the modern clubbing styles of the teenagers in Tokyo. My arm was tired from practicing with Lexi’s practice bow but it was all good. I think I only practiced that much cuz I needed to keep a straight face while aiming at Sari and shooting him down…and for some reason I kept laughing. I really wanna learn Japanese archery now…Lexi told me JCCC offers it…I’ll have to check that out later XD Hmm…what else…oh yes, can’t forget the 3 cheers that I heard when Canada won the gold medal for hockey =P I didn’t watch, but it was nice watching the entire school cheering and laughing haha, at 3 different times! Haha, channel lag woot! The last performance was even postponed until the game finished XD Hmmm yep yep, after that, it was clean up time, which went faster than I thought, though we were definitely the last pavillion out of there XD Good times, but too bad we had to throw out a lot of our food =( At least the gyouza and soba were finished, so we only had half a tray of sushi left, and the dango, which was better than last year (3 trays of gyouza). I took 20 pieces of sushi home, and tried to stuff myself with dango, but then I couldn’t eat anymore ;_; Oh, cleaning the white board was fun haha. I made the guys clean the white board, since it was nearly impossible because Michelle and I are awesome and drew our menu on there with permanent markers 8D Woot! They did manage to get it off though, thank goodness XD After I got home, I rushed to finish my lab with Amy and decided to skip my classes the next day to study for my lab exam. Hmm, well I definitely left a lot of things out, but that’s so be expected. I’ll just say Pangaea was really awesome and let my pictures do the talking, since a picture is worth 1000 words anyway, and I have over 200 of them XD

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