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Maybe it’s because of all this work that I’m feeling like this. Gah. 2 midterms, and 3 labs to do…LUCKILY my lab that was supposed to be due on Monday, which is also the day of my Geochemistry midterm, got pushed back a week…right on the day of my Earth History lab exam and the due date of my Geomorphology lab. Hmm…I really wish I didn’t slack off during Reading Week…I know I’m blaming the Olympics (Figure skating was win, and so was snowboarding) but mostly it was just me being lazy and not wanting to work. Oh…and the good Internet I have at home…DARN YOU AWESOME INTERNET…I was able to go on Youtube and stuff >.>
So I had this really awesome dream last night. Usually I don’t remember my dreams, however awesome they may be, but this one was really interesting because it was a reoccuring dream within that dream. Does that make sense? In my dream, I dreamt that I was dreaming. Yeah that makes better sense. Ok anyway, maybe it has something to do with how much I enjoyed that AVATAR movie, maybe it has something to do with the fact I was looking at pictures of mythical creatures on Deviantart, maybe it has something to do with the chat I had with Philip last night on what animal I would be if I were one. Anyway, the point is, my dream was really similar to the AVATAR movie ._. Except no machines needed. Ok now that I think of it, it’s more like the manga Dream Saga. Yeah, sleeping and then going into another world. But in a way it’s still like Avatar I guess, cuz I was running and fighting for my life, and instead of being a blue person, yes, you guessed it, I was an awesome dragon. Wow beat that. Dragon > blue people ANY DAY. Actually, I’m not sure if I was a dragon or not anymore…I was like…a white dragon…with GIANT swan wings…yeah something like that. And for the STRANGEST reasons, ET was in there. What the heck. Scared the heck outta me. What else…oh yes, you have to know my dreams are extremely random and suffer from ADHD. Anyway, all I remember was…ok maybe I should just started typing random things that pop into my head. It might make better sense.
Floating island/place with a circular ocean floating beneath.
The island was very lush and green…it could move up and down, and so could the ocean…
Oh yes, and clouds surrounded everything.
How that works I have no idea.
So I guess it was a place where all those swan dragons lived?
So yeah the swan dragon things in a sense were like avatars.
I remember soaring the skies.
And I was soooo high up.
I was getting chased, but they couldn’t catch me.
Cuz I was better.
I was powerful.
I felt soooo superior.
It was very realistic…I could feel the air on my face and the tension and stuff.
The breeze as I caught them undernearth my wings.
I could feel the air.
Lifting me.
I remember how heavy my wings were.
It was so…GAH. REAL.
The landscape, the air, the trees.
I remember a battle, too.
With another set of creatures that I can’t picture right now.
You were in it, I think you were purple.
So were you, but only in the "reality" part of my dream, in my house.
Ok, I’m back.
Dang it don’t remember anything.
Oh yes, lots of tunnels and secret doorways and creatures eating me.
Sooooo awesome.
Felt like an RPG game.
And I knew everything.
All the secrets.
For some reason I remember holding a pillow.
I think it helped me levitate?
What the heck.
In the "reality bit" of my dream, some company was threatening to bulldoze my house.
You needed my help or something.
I couldn’t get back to "sleep", and for some reason text messages worked between the "real" world and the dream world.
I texted you.
I had to protect something in this little bottle.
I think I was on crack.


  Whitney wrote @

HAHAHA OMG. AWESOME DREAM!!!! i’ve never had anything that awesome before. My dreams that I wake up remembering are usually always me running for my life and trying to save myself from some crazy stuff… and I have control of my dreams for some reason HAHA. Some ppl say i’m weird for that =(. BUT OMG. *grabs a pillow* I"M NOT LEVITATING T____T

  Fushi wrote @

OMG DUDE IF YOU CAN CONTROL YOUR DREAMS IT MEANS SOMETHING. I forgot. I used to have those dreams where I know I’m dreaming. I don’t have those anymore…it means I’m not special ;_; And yeah, omg I wish I could levitate by holding pillows ;_;

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