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Valentine’s Day

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Was yesterday. Really. Need. To. Stop. Blogging. Late.
I must say, I never really thought much of Valentine’s Day…it always was just another boring day for me. I think this year was the first time I actually did something on Valentine’s Day. So yeahhhhh…Andrew picked me up from my place at around 4. Really sucked that he had to work till 3:40 =( He rushed right over after work >< He was also being nice and got me something. He needs to stop doing that. He paid for my ticket for AVATAR, too. IN 3D. OMG. Awesome movie. Ahhhhh totally didn’t expect it to be that good. I kept the glasses 8D I liked the visuals more than the actual storyline, but still amazing. Ahaha…wow…the graphics really were amazing. Watching it once is not enough to appreciate all the details. Darn these Reese miniatures are good. Yeah, Andrew got me those, too. Along with 2 other things. Anyway, after the movie I had a bit of a headache, makes sense though, the sound was insanely loud. We weren’t even that close either, since Andrew managed to get us some pretty decent seats even though we were a tiny bit late. ANYWAY, after the movie, we went back to his house to watch the Olympics ^^ And his mom kept insisting I eat something…so after being forced (yes, forced) to eat a granola bar, Andrew got me this wonderful mini chicken burger thing from KFC., which I tried to eat as politely as possible 8D Then we continued watching the Olympics for a few minutes, and then he drove me back home all the way to Markham ^^

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  Whitney wrote @

awwww what a sweet vday! lucky you =)I HAVE YET TO WATCH AVATARRRR @____@ *is ashamed*

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