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Reading Winter Olympics MJC Chinese New Year Week 2010

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Wow, I really need to stop it with these late blogs >_> ANYWAY. First off, IT’S READING WEEK. YAYYY! LOTS OF WORK TO DO. YAY! Got 2 midterms the day I get back and on the Wednesday T_T Second off, Happy Chinese New Year o.o I didn’t go home yesterday to celebrate because I went over to Andrew’s house to watch the opening for the Winter Olympics. Third off, Origami Night with MJC on Thursday was really fun ^^ Not a huge turn out, but that’s ok! It was supposed to be 2 events on one day, origami making and Yukata dressing, but I guess origami took over XD Lots of jokes and picture and video taking as usual =) Hmm…so yeah, back to the Winter Olympics. Big delay, my friends told me it was gonna start at 7pm, but nothing really happened till 9. Unfortunate accident on the first day, too…that was kinda scary. Anyway, very cool opening in my opinion, I especially liked the parts where they simulated the ice breaking up and the orca whales swimming XD The singer for the national anthem was pretty good, too! And I don’t say that often, so yeah, I was pretty impressed. Epic fail at the hydraulic system for the Olympic flame though…haha if the announcer didn’t announce the problem, I don’t think the world would have noticed…but now everyone knows! How wonderful. And what was the deal with that giant polar bear? It was impressive yes, very big and all, but all it did was come out, move a few inches, and then it vanished ._. Oh well, still, pretty cool opening =) CAN’T WAIT FOR FIGURE SKATING =D No, not for Patrick Chan, why is everyone so hyped about him? The camera zoomed in on his face nice and big…really. Anyway, I shall go eat some Konnyaku now =w=

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