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Gahhh so much work to do X_X As usual, this blog is a day late. Friday was cruel during the day, and that was already without my Geochemistry lab >.> Woke up at 6…got out of bed at 6:45…went to school for my 8:30 class to watch short video clips again…and was out at 9:07 =O Awesome 4 hour break before my Hydrology lab. Or so I thought. I decided to be good and do a bit of my Earth History lab, because I wanted to get help with it at 1:30. Turns out I was wrong about the time (help centre is from 12 to 1 T_T) and I completely missed it. Oh well~ I gave Michelle back her USB after I put in the songs for our Pangaea fashion show thing, and ended up bumping into a lot of people again hahaha. Ok skip skip. Hydrology lab. GOOD LORDDD TT-TT! It’s alllll friggen math. GAH. I think I did the first page alright, it was just plugging in variables into given equations, but the last part…it’s this giant table of values I have to fill in, and I had no idea what to do. So I sat there while Jaclyn and Jordan did it on Excel. On my laptop 8D Woot, I have the file…hahaha! I’m gonna ask them about it later though so they can explain…I feel sooo screwed for Hydrology. AND GEOCHEM. AND EVERYTHING ELSE. Ok anyway. I went over to Andrew’s house again last night. MATCHING COATS FTW YAYYYYY XD!!! Yeah, hot chocolate is indubitably awesome. Especially on chilly winter nights =w= And after much indecisiveness and input from Andrew’s parents, who suggested many many many movies, we watched "Thank You for Smoking" XD Ahaha, it’s pretty good, actually, I didn’t get half the jokes but still some parts made me laugh XD "Do you hear that?" "No." "Exactly." HAHAHA XD That was funny XD Okie dokes, must get back to my labs…gah >_> Geomorphology and Earth History due on Monday, online quiz on Monday and Tuesday, Hydrology midterm on Tuesday, research on Wednesday, Hydrology lab due on Thursday, and Geochemistry lab presentation due on Friday! What an awesome week 8D

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  Whitney wrote @

Wowww good luck on ur work >_< AND FASHIONNN SHOWW woott *faints* Are you gonna strut ur stuff for it? xD Missss ya. tell me when u’ve got time for moi xD

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