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Sushi Night with MJC~

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Woot! ANOTHER MJC SUSHI NIGHT YAYYYY XD Not many people showed up this time, only 18, but that’s alright! Still lots of fun and jokes around haha XD I think I took the most videos this time. Well, not much to say, it’s always great hanging out with the club, and sushi makes it that much more awesome XD I was very tired prior to the dinner cuz I was running around all day and was worried about a lot of my labs. I was actually thinking of not going to the dinner to finish my Hydrology lab, which was due the next day but I just finished it now XD Yay! Only 3 more labs to worry about >_> Thats only for this week and the upcoming one…oh dang, Hydrology midterm on Tuesday..and Gemstones quiz on Monday >_> Ahhhh and Geomorphology lab due on Monday…and Geochemistry lab next Friday. Speaking of labs, Google Earth is very cool. Oh yeah, I got evacuated from Mills today =O Fire alarm XD ANYWAY…early class tomorrow, off to bed~

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  Whitney wrote @

O_O good luck on all ur labs. just about as bad as all my engineering labs last term. LOL. craziness. don’t stress too much!commuting DT is sooo tiring x_x

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