When life gives you lemons, make grape juice and let the world wonder how you did it.

Fushi’s Randomness

Currently listening to: Circus – Britney Spears
Oh look, another blog one day late XD Oh well. Ahaha, it’s been happening quite recently, recently O_o Wow, does that even make sense? XD I just finished a really delicious apple…and some konnyaku O_O OMG IT’S SO GOOD. Both. First time having konnyaku…I didn’t know it could be served hot AND chilled ._. How very magical…and apparently it’s 12 calories…says the label XD It also says "Reverse-Osmosis Purification Process" on it @_@ ANYWAY. So yesterday…ahhhh long day. Well, not long, just really annoying cuz I had 2 stupid labs, Geochemistry and Hydrology. DANG IT. Geochem lab was basically article searching…and the lab is a 3 hour time slot…but we got kicked out by some engineers after an hourish and I barely managed to find an article my TA approved of. Gotta present it in 2 weeks >_> In Hydrology I had to complete the Thiessen polygons for rain gauges…AND HOLY CRAP, I swear it’s not supposed to be that hard. BUT IT IS. GAH. Jaclyn and I ended up staying the full 2 hours…trying to connect the dots and perpendicular bisectors and just about everything we could connect cuz we really had no clue what to do anymore T_T Wahh…yeah I’m scared for that lab…cuz there’s the 2nd part which is all math…ugh. I’m in Environmental Sciences because I wanted to avoid math ._. What have I been doing for most of my courses? Yes. Math. Ok, now I must talk about the good stuff ^^ I hung out with Andrew again last night =) Went to Flamboro (I won’t say my first impression of that place hahaha) and watched horse races omg O_O HORSES XD I really wanted to just jump over the gate/fence thing and knock out the rider and steal a horse. Gah. Why didn’t I? =_= Anyway, haha, I must say the horses there have very interesting names O_O Like…"Dragon on Demand", and "Bluffinwifmymuffin". Who names horses like that? There was also "He’s a Lion" and "Satellite Dish" O_O HAHAHA XD Omg, funny names. Indubitably. We watched like…5 races I think XD And Andrew kept saying I should place bets… =P After that, we went back to his house and I watched the Tsubasa movie and xxxHolic movie XD xxxHolic was soooo much better. It was very different and eerie. I liked it. But I wouldn’t have been able to watch it by myself. I must also mention I think I’m slightly insane cuz I’ve been listening to an English song. By Britney Spears O_o How very strange indeed. I mean indubitably. But then again if I listen to a song enough times it’ll get stuck in my head. ALRIGHT. I’ve slacked enough, I’ll try (keyword there) and get some work done today XD


  Whitney wrote @

hey i’m learning that dance for you this week ;Dso u better get that song’s beat stuck in ur head alright =P

  Fushi wrote @


  Ivana wrote @

AHAHAHA! omg, your blog just made my day =D. I managed to find time to read it again…I wanna try konnyaku!!!And im having the same experience… listening to english music these days… IM GETTING BRAINWASHED!!! *ahem* time for work

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