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Ahhh! So much work. Same amount of time. I just have poor time-management skills. Hmm…so I’m supposed to be working on my pre-lab for Geochem…something about finding articles my prof wrote. I really wanted to finish it last night, since I have the lab tomorrow, but Internet at my place is being very dumb. I’m only able to go on MSN, and the main page of Google…and I also disconnect every 10 minutes or so. Grrr! Though I DID clarify a lot of things for my Earth History lab =) That’s good I guess. So yeah, everyone knows that when you can’t do work, you…GO OUT AND CHILL =D And that’s what I did. Saw Slumdog Millionaire yesterday at Andrew’s house again. Good movie =O I was scared cuz it was rated R, but oh my, it was very intense, I liked it ^^ Hmmm…I’m so tired ._. Horray for wee hours of the morning XD Oh well, it was fun XD I skipped my first 2 classes today because I wanted to sleep…@_@ I also wanna go home and nap some more right now (I’m taking advantage of the lovely Internet from the Student Centre), but I know I should finish up my pre-lab first…since I have conversation classes tonight, so I won’t be able to work on it later. Ah…not good. So much work. I predict this weekend will just be some intimate quality time with textbooks. How very splendid. Oh yes, I must comment on how I’m lost in 3 out of 5 of my courses ._. NOT GOOD AHHHHHHHHH. Darned enviro courses…why is there so much math? I went INTO environmental sciences to avoid math! Gah! It’s all coming back to haunt me. AND CHEM, TOO. I thought I was done with chem back in first year…BUT NOOOO…meeeeep >< Okie dokes, I shall now try and attemp to locate some articles using the very hard to use library search thing McMaster has ._.

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