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Stupid. Internet. Gah. Ok. Just came back from MJC’s First Bubble Tea night of the 2nd semester ^^ Woot, fun fun! It was kinda weird at the beginning, cuz another club was at the place even though we booked it…so technically we started at like 8 =( But oh well. I managed to remember what Jacob ordered last time: Cookiedough Milkshake =w= OMG IT’S SOOOO GOOD. It’s like…all creamy and milky and it had bits of chocolate…=w= And it’s light pink 8D Ok yeah, don’t have much time before Internet dies again, have to make this short. Yesterday. WHEEE Lazermania again with Andrew ^^ It was awesome cuz on Tuesdays there are discounts 8D Good night, got to see this crazy DDR person having like a leg seizure…insane man. Anyway, we played 2 games. The first game was good XD The 2nd…gah…I kept getting hit by my own team members ._. Fun. ANYWAY. After that, went to Andrew’s house and I watched Batman Begins! It was better than I thought. Like really. Wow. I never thought I’d like it. But I did =O Amazing ^^ OKOK. INTERNET IS GONNA DIEEEE!

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  Yuki-sama wrote @

i liked Batman Begins too, but didn’t like the way they made bats looks bad D=Aw….I wish I had my Drew so close too……=<

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