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*yawns* Nyaaa…what an awesome nap…I mean…sleep I had XD I feel awesome, despite forgetting to take out my contacts. The source for my happiness? Various things. Yesterday I finally had my schedule fixed up XD It didn’t take me too long because the lady helped me first even though I was at the end of the line…hahaha. She helped me switch into the only lab slot that wouldn’t clash with 2 lectures…she’s so nice T_T Anyway, it was driving me crazy for about a week because MUGSI and SOLAR are stupid and don’t update (apparently there were 4 available seats and it showed up as full). In the end, I dropped Japanese Civilization because I didn’t like the teaching style of the professor. Lectures were quite boring…and another contributing factor might be that I am not confident with writing essays. I decided to take Gemstones: Origins and Characteristics in place of Japanese Civilizations and I also managed to make Chii drop Materials Science to take it with me XD Woot! On the down side, I don’t have 2 free Fridays now, and I have 8:30 classes on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. Ah well. At least my Gemstones class doesn’t have any labs and tutorials 8D Speaking of that, I should go buy the rest of my textbooks XD After my 8:30 class yesterday, I was pretty much free cuz my 2 labs on Fridays don’t start until next week I believe…or the week after. Andrew came over after his class, chilled for a bit and then we took the bus to his house. It was soooo cold…but at least that got me a hot chocolate when we arrived 8D Andrew’s bean bag chair is really awesome. Oh, I must mention that I got tanned from his fireplace ._. How on earth did that happen? My arm’s fine now, but last night, after like 20 minutes by the fireplace, one side of my arm was darker…hahaha XD Didn’t hurt or anything, just really weird XD After that we watched the 3rd Pirates of the Caribbeans movie XD OMG IT WAS SOOO SAD ;_; The ending anyway. It was kinda confusing throughout…and Andrew had to pause the movie a few times to explain to me what was happening, because I’m slow like that =_= I especially like the part where Barbossa does the marriage ceremony thing while fighting on the ship and piloting it 8D Ahaha multitasking is always win XD And now, back to typing up missed lecture notes 8D

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  Whitney wrote @

FUSHI I LOVE YOU BECAUSE I AM BACK. i will see youuu whenever u are in toronto and freeee. POTC is awesomeness =)

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