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Wooooo another Nisetai gathering today yeahhh XD Good stuff, we managed to complete a project XD Too bad Yamapi’s in Hong Kong right now, we couldn’t plagerize any NEWS CMs or do NEWS photohoots T_T BUT. We did do an O-zack CM XD CHIPS HAHAHA. AND INSTANT NOODLES HAHAHA. Wow. Creative yo. Omg, Ivana, you need to improve on your chip eating skills hahaha that was soooo funny, and I should practice throwing instant noodle packages at you =P I think this was the first time we all had pretty accurate outfits XD AND SHIGE’S SHALALA TAMBOURINE SONG WAS STUCK IN MY HEAD GAHHHH. We MUST plagerize that MV one day…and Ivana can be the old lady =P And the rocker ._. Oh, and one of the school girls XD Ahaha, I don’t know why we like picking on her so much, but it was finalized that she’s officially any of the old people now woot! *ducks before Ivana can throw Ueda at me* ANYWAY. We didn’t have time to copy the Tu-Yu CM, but we DID watch WINTER PARTY DIAMOND AHHHHHHHHH. AND I STOLE THE FILES FROM IVANA. MUAHAHAHA. SO I’LL HAVE THEM BACK IN HAMILTON. MUAHAHAHAHA. And holy. OME IS LIKE THE LUCKIEST GIRL ALIVE. SHE WENT TO A TEGOMASU CONCERT IN JAPAN AHHHHHHHHHHHH AND SHE GOT TEGOSHI TO DO THE IMA WA THING AT HER OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG. Ok screw man, you HAVE to buy the DVD now. No excuses. OMGGGGGGGGGGGG…I swear I was spazzing so hard when she showed me the fancam videos and pictures ._. ACKKKKK LUCKY LUCKY LUCKY XD Ok. Now I have to go pack since I’m going back to McMaster tomorrow~ *flies away*


  Whitney wrote @

wooot. i just watched the CM =D IT WAS AWESOME! i miss nisetai T_T. too bad we’ll have to wait for another holiday to meet up =(. and omggggggg ome. *shoots fluffle at her* luckyyyyyy. she always goes to japan =O

  K. wrote @

HAHHAHA omg am i LATE or what?!just read this post. 8Domggg i haven’t watched our ozack goodness in so long! @_@"i’m totally….drowning in work right now. T_Thow do you have time to attend all those MJC events man?! *sigh*I’M SORRY I’M SPOILED.i’m paying my dad back….slowly. he doesn’t know it. ahhahhai slip money into his wallet whenver i can.AND he doesn’t realize that money’s popping into his wallet out of nowhere. 8D

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