When life gives you lemons, make grape juice and let the world wonder how you did it.

MJC Winter Fun 2009

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WOOOTTTT MJC’S AWESOME POSSUM WINTER EXTRAVAGANZAAAAAAAA~ Wow, awesome day ^^ It was a bit hectic at the beginning but oh well. Oh let’s see…where to start. I woke up at like 7:45am…I don’t know why, guess I was too excited XD Showered and then left at around 10:15ish, and got to Eaton’s centre at around 11:15 ^^ Everyone was a little bit late, but that’s alright. I met up with Aarathi first at H&M, and then Michelle, Sarah and Andrew showed up, and then we chilled at the food court and Jacob and Kevin arrived ^^Aarathi and I shared Udon, it was yummy XD It was around 1:30ish now, and several other people spotted us, like Chii, Jin and Jimmy. At around 2pm we migrated back to H&M to wait for everyone, and then we went our own ways. I took a some pictures at the lovely Swarovski Christmas tree ^^ That took a few minutes…but it was so pretty XD After that, several people went to watch Avatar, and some to watch Sherlock Holmes. I chilled with Andrew and Thomas when everyone left ^^ Lots of wandering and more picture taking hehe, good times =D At around 6:30ish we all met up again and went to Korean BBQ ^^ YAYYYY FOOD. I was quite hungry so I ate a lot ._. Mmmm vanilla milkshake XD AND OMG COW JUICE HAHAHAHA. Wow win. After dinner, which was around 9:10pm, several people left and then the rest of us went to karaoke right across the street. It wasn’t that good though, cuz they didn’t give us the booth we wanted even though we request the Korean and Japanese songs too. Oh well. I sang “I want It That Way” and “A Whole New World” with Jacob hahaha. I recorded a few people too, but my camera died on me T_T After about an hour or so, I left with Michelle, Kevin and Evelyn, and then Kevin took the subway back home and my parents drove Michelle and Evelyn back ^^ And that was my dayyyyyyy woot~ Would have been better if I didn’t find out several things though. Oh well. PICTURE UPLOAD TIMEEEE~

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