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Christmas Party + Boxing Day

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Ah. Boxing Day =O Woke up at 9am from a horrible dream, and then realized it was too early to do anything so I went back to sleep. Woke up again at like 11:30, and then my parents wanted to go eat, so I showered and we went out. But wow, I can’t believe I actually went shopping today. I told myself I wouldn’t cuz the malls would be packed and stuff. Turns out Markville wasn’t so packed afterall. My mom and I had fun shopping while my dad went somewhere else cuz he didn’t like Markville. My mom mainly went crazy over Christmas items cuz they were all discounted and stuff. After Markville I went to Chapters and finally got the tokidoki calendar I wanted XD WOOHOO, IT WAS 50% OFF. And I was being dumb and asked for a renewal of my iRewards card…which was $25. Stupid. I don’t even use it enough, and it’s only 10% off for books…ah well. Well since nothing happened much today besides shopping, I shall talk about yesterday, which was Christmas =D I went over to Jasmine and Melody’s house for the Christmas party. Didn’t do much besides eat and play Wii XD I didn’t eat much either…I think I got full from the appetizers. ANYWAY. I must talk about the Wii awesomeness. I’ve only played Wii once before a few years back, and it was a bad experience cuz tennis on Wii made me tired. I suck at tennis in real life too, so yeah that didn’t make me feel any better. BUT BUT BUT, yesterday, we played RAVING RABBITS. OMGGG HAHAHAHA. I swear, whoever made that game had too much free time on their hands and needs anger-management skills, or really just wants to kill someone and couldn’t, so they developed that game. I have a few figurines of the little evil bunnies, but I never knew it was an actual Wii game OMG. EVIL BUNNIES. I shall never look at bunnies the same way again. *stares at BunBun* I want a Wii now just so I can play the game XD Omgggg hahahaha…I laughed so much…poor bunnies, keeping them in the washroom, shooting them, hitting them, drowning them…wow, that game is bunny torture. Why on earth do I find it funny? @_@ Ah…2 more days till the MJC outing~

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  Whitney wrote @

MEEEP <3 so on boxing day… i stayed indoors at my place in HK cuz my mom was jetlagging HAHAHA. so i did my nails this funnie zigzag pattern cuz I was pretty boredddd. show u a pic after =PAnd yes raving rabbids is awesome. Btw, do u know there is a DS game for Raving Rabbids as well? You can prob d/l that and play with the evil bunnies. I haven’t tried it out yet, but lemme know and I can send u the file as well =)MISSS YOUUUUUUU. P.S. tell me what’d u like from HK ;D

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