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Wheeeee well plant bio yesterday wasn’t that bad at all! I think it’s because Amy and I asked Karen for the exam hints that the prof gave on the last day (we skipped that, totally not obvious XD). I know I didn’t do exceptional, but oh well, last minute cramming right after another exam. I was pretty prepared for the short answer questions…strangely it was the multiple choice that kinda ate me. I knew a little bit about the questions but not enough to answer them hahaha. I’m also glad I didn’t have to read the entire fat textbook (600 pages). I just stuck to her lecture notes =) I finished that 3 hour exam in an hour. Says a lot. Maybe I’m smart, maybe I was screwed. Latter probably. The prof saw me after and for SOME reason knew I was in her class of 300 students and asked how I did. This is getting eerily strange…my music prof also pointed me out one time in class when she was handing out scantrons. "Hey. What’s your name? *smiles*" BUT ANYWAY. I said the exam was fair, and it was =) After the exam, I met up with Sarah so she could drop her Japanese Studies course and I can get the spot, and I managed to get in without any problems! Yay XD Now I just have to switch some enviro labs around to make sure they all fit…but that should be fine ^^After that, streamed some anime from the student centre and went home with Amy and saw a few eps ^^ Then I went bowling at night =P HAHAHA…omg…that was very fun and interesting. I suck so much at bowling…omg why is it so hard to aim the ball straight? I think I had like scores in the 30s for both games. I rockkkkk XD After that, I saw Pirates of the Caribbean! First one. WOOT. Jack Sparrow is awesome. While watching I kept thinking what an awesome cosplay it would be. Anyway…yeah. Awesome night last night. Learned a few interesting things, like how 90% of certain people fall into a certain category =) But let’s leave that aside =P


  Yuki-sama wrote @

I’ve always wanted to cosplay pirate-Elizabeth from the beginning of the 3rd movie. =DOr just any pirate lady. I love the designs

  Whitney wrote @

AHAHA yea. i saw a bunch of POTC johnny depp cosplays before. pretty epic. Love POTC =) one of my fave series. And yes. sadly to learn about how 90% of certain ppl think like eh? =PPPPPmiss you. can’t wait to see u soon cuz u’ll be done after tomorrow! woot!

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