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MJC Bake Sale + Sapporo Night

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OMG 2 MJC EVENTS IN ONE DAY? NO WAIIIIIIIIIII~ Ahaha…ok let’s do this one by one…

B A K E   S A L E
So after many weeks of fustration, we were finally able to obtain a table inside the Student Centre to sell baked goods! Goody goodness, yes. The awesome exec team (plus…Kimchi Bowl, and minus Jacob) all raided Sarah’s house to bake! Fun times, guys, fun times XD We went at around 6ish, and stayed till 12am XD It was really awesome, Jacob bought the perfect cake and cookie mixes, food colouring, icing…it was awesome. AND WE USED UP EVERYTHING HAHAHA…I swear we had like 100+ cupcakes and cookies O_O Michelle and I had fun writing hiragana characters on the cupcakes, and Michelle also threw in some awesome kanji XD I finally know the difference between a muffin and a cupcake…CUPCAKES HAVE ICING. OMG FUSHI, YOU FAIL. Ok anyway, lots of awesome cupcakes and cookies…I had lots of fun icing the cupcakes and decorating the cookies ^^ HARD LABOUR. RAWR. Michelle and I made the cookies Christmas themed XD They all sold out…well we only had 20, but yeah, really amazed how quickly they went…it must be the awesome looking icing ^^ But yeah, fun baking times~ And the very next morning, the baked goods were all brought to the Student Centre in time for 9am, and we broke even ($38) within an hour! I think we made $100 profit…not sure though~MONEY MUAHAHA…maybe one day we’ll make enough and we can treat ourselves to Japan!
S A P P O R O   N I G H T
Ah, well, all our sushi dinner nights turn out awesome. Not much to say here hahaha, several people didn’t show up, but that’s alright. Good times, good food, and good fun all around =) Failed plans here and there, but that’s alright~ Amy felt ill right before, but she recovered in time, so that’s good =D I went around to all the tables with Michelle and talked to people cuz they looked kinda lonely, very interesting conversations…o.o And I really thought that beef was horse meat ._. Wow, how sad, I do not have much to write about for the sushi night…since we didn’t go to karaoke either, because everyone was so tired at the end XD Well the only thing I remember is that my table got served first, and we had fun rubbing it into the faces of the other tables hahaha. Ok, I really don’t know what to write anymore…brain not functioning…*Fushi seeps down the drain*

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