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AngeL’s Birthday Party~

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YAYYYYY. THE REASON WHY I CAME BACK HOME THIS WEEKEND. ANGEL’S AWESOME BIRTHDAY PARTY RAWRRRRRRRR. Ahaha, where to begin, I just got home like 30 minutes ago…ah…what a long day. Let’s see, where to start. Ok, so Jacky came and picked me up to go to Cow’s house at around 1:40pm. I played Band Hero for the first time for about an hour or so, drums is really hard! Especially the feet part haha, and bass is always fun XD I sang "Love Story" and "You Belong with Me" XD I only knew those songs…fail…haha. Anyway, AngeL came at around 4:15, and I hid in the washroom to surprise her XD When Jacky gave me the cue, I came out and glomped her from behind! Ahaha, she was soooo surprised and happy XD Woot, that was awesome, then we continued to play Guitar Hero for a while, and then we decided to finally head DT to go SKATING. We got down there at around 6:30, there was an event going on, something about a "Cavalcade of Lights" thing, and it was soooo crowded and cold…should have worn my jacket, but no, I just decided to wear a T-shirt and sweater XD Ah well, so yeah, lots of lights and a huge Christmas tree! The lights all came on at around 7:30, and it was very pretty =) I didn’t skate because the line for rentals was too long, so Harris and I just went on the ice on our running shoes haha, we’re so cool, no pun intended. I pulled AngeL a few times, would have been more fun if it wasn’t so crowded though. There was also a fireworks show at around 8:15ish XD I recorded the whole thing on AngeL’s camera, hope she sends it to me soon =D It was better than I thought, never watched fireworks that close before, on a rink, with freezing hands XD Ah, first time for everything =) After that, we walked back to Eaton’s Centre while Jacky did some reservation thing which was stupid cuz they refused us or something, and I was pretty hungry by that time, so I ate some sushi, even though we were heading for dinner haha. Well, after waiting for an hour outside Pickle Barrel, and having my phone die on me and a nice girl talk with AngeL, we finally got a spot at around 10:30, and yeah, we got served at like 11:15…haha, so jokes at the table, learned some new mind games like Black Magic from Andy, and some cosmo…something game XD Ah, I shall show my friends some day and hopefully they’ll think I’m smart XD Ahaha, ok…so dinner’s over, and it was around 12:15 now, so we rushed back to the subway, and made our way back to Finch Station. Very interesting guessing games on the subway haha, Pokemon guessing games FTW! XD Made time go by fast, so it was good. Bill then drove me home at around 1:30, and now I shall go sleep XD Oyasumi~

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  Whitney wrote @

Awww FUSHI LOVE <3 THANKS FOR COMINGGGGG. YOU SURPRISED MEE LIKE CRAZY. AND THANKS FOR UR PRESENT <3 i lovedddd it xD. Hope you had fun downtown with meeee =) Can’t wait to see you after exams! Best of luck on them!

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