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Happy Belated Birthday, Michelle! + Albert Einstein Cup

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Yesterday was my awesome Michie’s 19TH BIRTHDAYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!! I spammed her FB and drew her some graffiti ^^ I hope she likes them =) It felt like my birthday though, because my Japanese Studies response paper was pushed back to the 17th! XD *slacks* Anyway, I got this awesome ALBERT EINSTEIN CUP yesterday from Titles ^^ It has 5 doodles of him on it, and each one is like a different aged Albert! GENIUS I SAY. So there’s one of him in 1884, and 1909, etc etc XD It’s awesome! I wanted to buy this other cup which had 5 composers on it like Mozart, Beethoven, and some other composers, but I didn’t know 2 of them, so I settled for Albert~ Ok…yeah…back to typing out notes XD

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  Whitney wrote @

hahaha that’s an awesome cup! the composer one sounds awesome too xD i could’ve came in this weekend but then i couldn’t cuz of stupid buses =( SIGHHHHHHH.ONE DAY. I WILL VISIT U IN MAC. rwarrr.

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