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MJC Halloween Party 2009

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YAYYYYY MJC’S FIRST BIG BIG BIG EVENT! HALLOWEEEEEEEEEN! Well I just got home a few minutes ago, dead tired and exhausted, but now sitting here, I’m all hyped again =D OMG IT WAS…hm…XD Well, the thing is, we had SO MUCH planned, and we couldn’t do everything we wanted to do, cuz MAC was being SO stupid this year, with all the stupid rules about room bookings, and projector renting…basically it was just really difficult to plan anything this year. The lovely exec team managed to still hold on and thanks to IWAI-SENSEI WE GOT 2 LOVELY LECTURE ROOMS IN MDCL! HOLLLYYY CRAP MDCL 3RD FLOOR AHHHHHH WITH ALL THOSE SMART BOARDS AHHHHHHHH. Ok. So basically what happened was we were refused rooms in MDCL and BSB and JHE and just about everywhere cuz they told us we were not allowed to have parties, and there was a stupid 10-day before booking thing, so Iwai sensei with her awesomeness booked 2 rooms under her name for “study sessions for Japanese 1Z06 and definitely not a Halloween party” and OMG IT WORKED. We were roomless until a few days before the party, but ahhhh so happy we actually got the rooms we wanted. Man, Iwai-sensei is so nice…T_T We needed Internet for karaoke, so it was either the Student Centre or MDCL…and the stupid SC has this new policy about how it’s 15 bucks an hour for a room. What the heck. Exactly. Ok, so yeah, everything was going great, Tasha and Amy arrived early to help, since it started at 6:30, they arrived at like 6 and I felt bad cuz I had a stupid ecology lab meeting, and then apparently I was told through text that we got found out by some dude/worker/janitor dude at around 6:30, and he was very suspicious, but Andrew managed to make him believe we were actually having a study session, so he set up the projector and computer and everything for us XD So at the beginning we all had to be really quiet and pretend we were actually having study sessions…this went pretty well until 7:30, and then we just were like OK SCREW IT, PARTY TIME. That was good haha…but then because of my stupidity earlier and how I told someone to turn off one of the computers cause I thought we weren’t supposed to fool around on them, we had some technical difficulties >_> That screwed us a little bit, as we couldn’t get back on the computer and projectors without the password…so we wouldn’t be able to show our movie along with karaoke…but it was ok. In the end, no one wanted to see the movie, so we had karaoke. BUT BEFORE THAT. THE LOVELY COSTUME PAGEANT. AHHHHHHHHH I CAN’T BELIEVE SO MANY PEOPLE ACTUALLY WORE COSTUMES TT-TT I’M SO HAPPY ARGGGG. Kimono, yukata, wa-lolita, Phantom of the Opera, Persona cosplay, maid outfits, cow girl maid outfit, scientists, ninjas, cat girls…AHHHHH I’M SO GLAD PEOPLE WERE IN THE SPIRIT OF HALLOWEEN. So yeah, we had several categories for people to win Halloween Pocky from (9 packs in a box!), and omg it was awesome, strobe light and music and all ^^ I’m glad people had fun, that was a major plus for our disorganized beginning and mediocre pizza >_> BUT ANYWAY, after that, we had hilarious karaoke, (POKEMON SONG!) and OMG ENGINEERS CAN DO ANYTHING. DUAL SCREENS, MICROPHONE SET UPS, SPEAKERS AND WIRES AND PROJECTORS AND ALL THAT AHHH…yeah ok, just leave it to the engineers haha XD But yeah, all in all it was a great time, everyone was happy, I’m so glad everyone was patient at the beginning, with the whole computer/projector/bored/keep-quiet-pretend-it’s-a-study-sessionfood/juice problems XD Ahaha…watery orange juice XD But yeahhhhh…gosh I feel bad for not cleaning up…was too busy singing karaoke @_@ I MANAGED TO DRAG AMY TO SING MOMENT WITH ME MUAHAHA…okie. So yeah, party ended, at like…11:30? XD 1.5 hours after what we booked it for haha, so yeah, gonna skip the bad part about Andrew not feeling so good, and Amy and Michelle and Kevin’s evil chemistry assignment. Anyway, it’s getting late, Fushi’s off to bed XD


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  Whitney wrote @

Awww souds like u had a fun halloweeen. i just came back from mine a couple hours ago =)AND WOOT FOR ENGINEERS =D and MOMENT is like the best song ever to singggggg xD wish i could sing it too! I didn’t dress up this year tho =( i felt bad after i got to downtown and saw all these ppl dressed up HAHA. made me feel like dressing up too. but o wells. THERE"S ALWAYS NEXT YEAR. i’m never too old for dressing up >=D

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