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Andrew’s Surprise Birthday Party + CARAMEL DANSEN

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Welllllllllll. Must I say epic win. So today (or rather yesterday, since it’s like 2am in the morning) was Andrew’s surprise b-day party! I woke up at around 11:30…I love sleeping in during the weekends XD So yeah, woke up, took a shower, and then Amy and I started to make origami warp speed for Andrew’s gift, which was a box of origami XD It was very yellow and awesome, full of cranes, turtles, stars, various flowers and such =) The box took me a few tries…I fail at making boxes XD But yeah, anyway, it was kinda disorganized in the beginning because I couldn’t get in touch with many people (Michelle and Kevin were still sleeping! XD) so I told everyone to meet at Mills Library at 4:20pm. So yeah, Amy and I arrived, met up with Sarah, and was told that Philip and Sari were already in hiding at the Student Centre, so Amy went to them, while Sarah and I waited for Michelle, Kevin, and Andrew to show up for our "Emergency Exec Meeting" XD It was aweeeeesome. Andrew seriously didn’t expect it. So while we were "discussing plans for the club", Sari, Philip and Amy were supposed to barge, but Andrew spotted Sari and the others through the glass, and then we were like…uh.uh.uh.uh…SURPRISE! AHAHAHA XD And they came in and threw a balloon at him (which didn’t reach so I picked it up and threw it again instead XD) Ahaha, it was awesome, he was pretty thrilled, and very surprised XD He loved his card (which everyone signed, and was lovingly made by Amy and myself), it was made to look like a laptop, and it had 3 pages in it XD It reminded me of my school yearbooks XD Anyway, he happily ate his yellow cupcake (WITH THE YELLOW LICORICE CANDLE HAHAHA SARI IS SO CREATIVE) and loved his little box of origami and the sushi keychain ^^ After that, we all stopped by Michelle and Kevin’s place to drop off stuff and then we all went to Boston Pizza to eat ^^ It was awesome, lots of picture taking, jokes, avoiding school-related topics, and hiding Sari’s cap XD After that, Sarah and Philip went home, and the rest of us went back to Michelle and Kevin’s place to pick up our stuff, and Andrew and Sari killed the centipede that was frightening Michelle XD And then I went home =) AND MADE UP A CARAMEL DANSEN DANCE WITH NATASHA TJONG. HOLY CRAP IT TOOK US 2 HOURS. Ahaha, my spleen must have cracked a few times from laughing, Tasha’s dance moves are just too funny hahaha, BUT IT WAS AWESOMEEEEEEEEE. Amy agrees, she had fun dancing with us, too XD Ahahaha oh mannnnn it’s so epic. We have the awesomest expressions, bipolarism is win hahahaha! Ok, I am tired now, off to bed~


  Andrew wrote @

Thank you so much, again. It was awesome :-D

  Whitney wrote @

AWWW. sounds like u had fun. I"M IN MIDTERM MODE NOW. LAST WEEK AND THIS WEEK IS GONNA BE HELL UNTIL HALLOWEEN COMES AROUND . maybe we can hang for halloweeeeeeeeeeen =3 i can’t wait wait wait wait for all this to be over with =(

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