When life gives you lemons, make grape juice and let the world wonder how you did it.

MJC Sapporo Dinner 2009

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WOOT! SUSHI DINNER WITH MJC! Yayyyy! It was fun ^^ We had a great turn out, we reserved half the restaurant! Woot! Awesome guys. Everyone had a great time stuffing their faces, laughing at each other, and singing random happy birthday songs! And whenever someone left, we’d all yell out "byeeeeeeeee!!!" and the person would get stared at by the other customers hahaha XD They caught on soon enough, and even the waiters and chefs started doing it too! WOOT. WE ARE WIN! XD Awesome awesome, met a lot of new faces (or maybe not new but I have terrible memory) and everyone liked the membership cards! YAY FOR PROCRASTINATING HAHAHA XD Can’t wait for HALLOWEEN OMGGGGGGGGGGG LOTS OF STUFF PLANNED!!!


  Joe wrote @

lol yeah. the waitresses were bowing to ppl leaving. i tried to take a pic of that but i was too late.

  Whitney wrote @

awwww. that sounds like funness =) i haven’t realli gone to any clubs this term. i’m a boring person LOL. and i’m STILL behind in school. daaaamn haha =P

  K. wrote @

omg my japanese club just had their annual all-you-can-eat sushi dinner last night! XDDD hahahah! nice!we had a dinner + karaoke. but i could n’t go to the karaoke cuz ….i had two projects due today…and i didn’t start them until i got home last night. hahaa!omggggg. i haven’t plled an actul all-nightersince april. my eyes are so tired. *dies*OMG HALLOWEEN! YAY. US TOO! 8DDD(but our membership cards are SO ugly. i wish i was in charge of teh design stuff for the club. =__=")

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