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MJC First General Meeting 2009

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ISURGISRHGISHRUIH OMG FIRST GENERAL MEETING WAS AWESOME. HOLY CRAP SO MANY PEOPLE SHOWED UP AND OMGGGGGGGGG I WAS SOOOO HAPPY EVERYONE WAS HAVING FUN. Ackkkk 120 people signed up during Clubsfest, but I thought only about 20 people would actually show up for the meeting…BUT WE HAD LIKE 50 PEOPLE AHHHHHH. Lots of fun man, lots of fun. We played introduction games, THE NINJA CLOTHES PIN GAME (AND OMG I CAN’T BELIEVE I DIDN’T NOTICE I HAD ONE ON ME HAHAHA), and just had a blast man. Lots of prizes given out, lots of name confusion (the execs mixed up our names on purpose for the members to guess XD), and it was just an epix day rawr! Would have been better without the mosquitos…BUT THAT’S OK. AHHHHHHHHHHHH OMG I HAD SO MUCH FUN AHHHHH. Ok. I’m too excited to actually type sense right now.


  Joe wrote @

i thought it was more than 50 ppl! LOL! im really looking forward to jap club this year!

  Joe wrote @

oh and i dont think u had a clothes pin on u. when u were looking for it when andrew told u i saw ur back and there wasnt a clothes pin. so andrew pulled a magic trick on u :P

  Fushi wrote @

WHAT WHAT WHAT REALLY? No, Pat told me he put it on me.

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