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Center Island

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So today, or rather, a few hours ago, I went to Center Island with Anna and Julie ^^ It was a beautiful day, lots of sunshine with the odd gentle breeze now and then. Anna arrived at my house at around 10:15am, and then we drove to FV and took the subway to DT ^^ It was getting pretty hot when we arrived, and we had to wait for like an hour for the ferry OUT IN THE BLAZING SUNNNNN @_@ I saw a bunny on a stroller o.o…poor thing…burning in the sun TT_TT Anyway, once on the ferry, there was a very nice breeze and I cooled down again, so that was good. The ferry ride was about 10 minutes, and we took some nice pics there with the view of the CN Tower. Once we arrived on the island, we went and got tickets for the ride (85 cents each ticket!) and went on kiddy rides. But before that, I wanted to see the animals, so we walked around and looked at ponies and goats and I saw a peahen. And there was a giant chair, and Julie and I took pictures on it. And we saw a really big hog thing, which was being lazy and sleeping. Ahaha, then we went on the rides. Only 2 rides, the ride where you ride on a log and go down a watery slide thing, that was nice, 6 tickets man., and the chairlift thing, which was 5 tickets. I liked that, got a nice view of the island, and I spotted a bunny that looked like BunBun! XD I also had fun staring at geese and ducks, and I spotted one swan =) Anyway, after that, we ate Pizza Pizza, and it was getting reeeeeeeeaaalllyyyyy hot by then. Julie got a huge icecream, and I got myself a nice popsicle. 4 bucks man, and that was the cheapest popsicle too +_+ Anyway, eating popsicles are good on a hot day, really cools you down XD Well me anyway. After we ate, we wanted to rent those 4 person bikes to bike around, but it was soooo darn expensive, so we just wandered around, wishing we had bathsuits so we could jump into those water fountains like the little kids. We found a nice bench in a shady area with a nice breeze and sat there for a while, just watching people walk past =) It was nice. I was complaining so much about being tired and hot and sticky, so sitting and cooling off was good XD After that, we went to Chinatown so Julie could buy lanterns =D AND I FOUND STUFFING MUAHAHAH FOR MY PLUSHIES MUAHAHHAHA. So much cheaper than Walmart man. *nods* After chilling at Chinatown, we headed back to my house because Julie had the urge to squish BunBun, and after she had her fill of squishing BunBun, we had dinner at Go For Tea, with terrible service. Ahaha, lots of jokes there, awesome texting and laughter ^^ We left at around 10:30, and I got home nice and tired ^^ And now I shall sleep =3

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  Whitney wrote @

awww center island sounds fuun and relaxing =) that log ride is my fave ride with you, remember when we went when we were super young? xD and i remember when i went there 2 years ago, a peacock(?) opened up its tail and it was sooo pretty =O i wonder whether that peahen u saw is related hehe. and yeaa. it was really hot that day indeed. but good day to go out nonetheless =)

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