When life gives you lemons, make grape juice and let the world wonder how you did it.


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Woo! Spontaneously decided to go to the beach today with AngeL XD Had lots of fun, great day and lots of sunshine. We had a BBQ going and I had fun opening a can of pinapples with a knife ahaha skillzzzzzz! Lots of bees at the beach today, too. BUT THERE WERE WAY MORE PEOPLE THAN BEES! Wow…like really. Had a hard time looking for parking, but we got our parking ticket for free! XD I didn’t do much at the beach, ate a burger, drank juice, collected rocks and played in the water ^^ Took lots of awesome pics with AngeL too of course =D And I got to meet a lot of AngeL’s friendies ^^ After having fun at the beach, we all went to Valen’s house to shower away all the sand and sweat ahaha. We were late for our reservation at 8 at Maison du Japon for all you can eat sushi…arrived at like 8:45 @_@ I’ve never been before, but it wasn’t bad at all =) Lots of jokes here and there, and Harris’ random wails. AND HAIR WRIST CHEW. AHAHA XD And AngeL and I staring at people and seeing how long it would take for them to notice ^^ And AngeL and I getting caught in the act of putting wasabi on Jacky’s green tea ice cream. I had an awesome amount of Butterfish. AHHH BUTTERFISH <3!!! @_@ Anyway, I’m glad I went today, at least I think I’ll be tired tonight =) Woot!


  jacky wrote @

hehe meep thanks for coming. was so happy that u can come

  Whitney wrote @

omg fushiii <3 it was amazing fuuun. glad u could come hehe. so many epic & fun photos! bahaha. beaches are amazingggness =) hope we can go out again to play before school starts!

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