When life gives you lemons, make grape juice and let the world wonder how you did it.

Natto + Soba = Love

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WENT TO OME’S HOUSE TODAY AND RECORDED MORE TEGOMASU GOODNESS! AHHHHH! I think I did like 4+ songs, my what an accomplishment XD After singing, Ome served me NATTO WITH SOBA. OMG. HAHAHA XD We never tried natto before, so we both really wanted to try it to see if the rumours were true (about natto being an acquired taste, so you either love it or hate it) We didn’t think it was that bad, we had such a fun time preparing the natto XD It’s so fun! It smells like paint too, such an artistic smell XD And at first I thought it didn’t taste like anything, but then it got bitter, but it didn’t taste THAT bad. Just bitter. Like beans. Yeah. That’s what they are. Fermented soy beans. Had good old BLACK SESAME SOY DRINK TO WASH IT DOWN XD Then after our meal, we had fun changing the pitches of various Tegomasu songs! AHAHA OMG, WE MADE THEM SOUND LIKE CHIPMUNKS AND PEDOPHILES AHAHA HOLY GEEZ GROSS XD But yeah, laughed so hard. After that, we saw a bit of the Winter Party Diamond NEWS concert, then my dad came to pick me up and I went home =) And when I got home I was sooooo tired. And hungry again, but more tired. So I plopped down on my bed and napped. My mom woke me up half an hour later cuz she made dinner, which was leftover curry from last night. Dinner was good, sweated like a pig, and my mom shared some jokes with me, relating to people inside mental institutions:
Q: You fill a bathtub with water and hold up a spoon and bowl up to the individual and ask them which one they would pick to use to empty the bathtub. If the individual has recovered and is not mental, which would they pick?
A: Neither. They’d pull the plug.
Then my dad heard the joke and he said he knows an even better funny story. So he tells us:
Outside a mental institution, it started to rain. It was raining very loud, and very hard, and all the patients inside the institution ran out with towels and soap because they wanted to to take a shower. One individual stood at the doorway, towel in hand, and watched everyone proceed. The doctor was surprised, and, hoping that the individual had spontaneously recovered, asked why they weren’t outside in the rain showering. The young individual replied: I’m waiting for hot water.
AIURHFISHR AHAHAHA OMG XD I like my dad’s funny story better than my mom’s lame joke. Apparently they both read it from forwards to their e-mails. Speaking of e-mails, I just received a reply back from the Japanese teacher I e-mailed last night, asking if it would be possible to make room for me because I couldn’t get into the Japanese course. Unfortunately, she said she was not allowed to take in anymore students, but I should keep trying to get in anyway T_T *sigh* Life sucks. Anyway, must conclude with some awesomeness. *ahem*


  K. wrote @

NATTTTTTTTO!ahha sounds like Naoto. Naoto eating natto?! XDDmmmm soba. woot. need to save up money to treat myself to cold soba one day. TT_TTOMG AHAHAHHAAH I LIKE THE SECOND JOKE TOO! HAHAHHAHHAAH FRIGGGS.I ALMOST LAUGHED OUT LOUD. oh wait – i did. HAHAHA. woops.but i didn’t tear up like i did while listening to the pedo duo. HAHAHHH. omgg it was DISGUSTING. WHAT THE HECK. SCARRING YOOOOO. @_@"YAY. am going to finish my part of the recordings for tmr! expect lots of e-mails with attachments. $_$

  Joe wrote @

lol wow… i cant imagine what chipmunk pedophiles sounds like!

  Fushi wrote @

Nono, chipmunks, THEN pedophiles. (aka, high-pitched voices, then extremely low voices)

  K. wrote @

AHAAHAHAH CHIPMUNK PEDOS?! those are probably those things that take the form of……SHUAR SHRUNKEN HEADS.*dodges fushi’s bullets*

  K. wrote @

natto TESU sobaaaaa.

  Ivana wrote @

I want to try natto and soba….And I wanna watch winter diamond party!!!!!And I had the same problem with the Jap course here… although now it’s more of the registrar saying i need to get permission from my program advisor to drop a course that i didn’t need but was in the same time slot as the jap course… (cuz the jap teacher said she could squeeze me into her class – I had to do a phone interview with her to check my jap level) but yea…. 27th is the determining day (cuz it’s open enrollment @_@)

  Fushi wrote @


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