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Art Gallery and Picnic

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So today I went to the McMichael Art Gallery with Anna and Julie ^^ Anna drove to my house with Julie to pick me up, and they stayed for a few minutes and Julie had her fill of squishing and molesting BunBun. Apparently BunBun got skinnier! =O Anyway, I shall leave out the part where I woke up at 9:50 and Anna was supposed to be at my house at 10:30, and how I warp speed showered and changed and got ready. Mwap. Ok anyway, so we get to the gallery, and I paid $5 for parking cuz I got my money out faster than Anna muahahaha! Ok so inside the gallery we saw many different sculptures, paintings and photographs ^^ I was being an awesome ninja and sneakily took pictures. MUAHAHA. Yeah you’re not allowed to take pictures, but Julie really liked certain paintings, so I took them in the most discrete way possible. Oh yes. XD Hmmmm, the gallery wasn’t really big, which was good, because we had enough time for our picnic outside ^^ So after going through the giftshop, and Julie buying 2 postcards, we had a wonderful picnic which Anna packed. PBJ sandwiches, grapes, canteloupes, and awesome BBQ rice cracker thing, chewy bars, and lots of drinks ^^ It was nice sitting outside in the shade, swatting insects away every so often XD Took lots of pictures and videos ^^ So after, at around 3:15ish, we left because Julie had to meet a friend back at her house at 3:45, so we all go back to Julie’s house, after taking a detour cuz we took the wrong road XD But that’s ok! So we arrive at Julie’s house at 3:55, and we chilled for a bit waiting for Julie’s friend, and Julie showed me the awesome poster we made for our grade 10 English play "Lord, what fools". AHHHH MEMORRRIESSSS XD Of them forcing me into girly clothing. Oh yes. Moving on, Anna and I met Casey and we had lots of fun being weirdos at the park! Lots of picture taking and tree hugging and scaring away little kids XD Hahaha XD Overall it was a fun day, and then we went back to Julie’s place and played with her beach ball and Julie’s dad made us cherries =) Then my parents picked me up at 7, but that’s ok, cuz next week is Julie and Natasha’s joint b-day party ^_^


  Joe wrote @

lol molesting bunbun! poor bunbun. but it deserves it after scaring me so much!!!

  Julie wrote @

Hahaha, Adrienne, I love how you write about EVERYTHING in your blog.And FYI, I was not molesting. I had permission.

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