When life gives you lemons, make grape juice and let the world wonder how you did it.


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HOLY FRIGGEN SCREW NISETAI GOODNESS LIKE MAD TODAY. Ok, so Money comes at 11:54 and no one’s here yet, so she helps me "modernize" my house, by sticking branch stickers onto a wall near my kitchen. Oh my, REJECTS. And the mutated bird, WHICH MY MOM LIKED HAHAHA XD Ok, then Jin-lover and Yabu-lover arrive, and then the Skissors comes, and we all sit and watch some NEWS PVs, ARASHI PVs, some cms, AND THEN WE ALL WATCH THE HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHOTS FROM FEBRUARY, WE ROCKED. Omg…IMA WA!!! XD!!!!!!!!!!!! And then OUR YAMAPI CAME, and that’s when the crazy-ness started. So we all decided to do a one-shot for SUMMER TIME. And we found everything we needed, and my room would be the shed. But before that we had to eat pizza. So we ate pizza. Ok. We’re done pizza. NOW FOR THE ONE-SHOT. HOLY FRIGGEN SCREW, THAT WAS MADNESS, PEOPLE GETTING CUT OFF, MY BREAD AS THE SKATEBOARD, THE GRUNDO AS THE BANANA, THE GUITAR HERO BOX AS THE SURFBOARD, THE TAPEROLL AS THE TAMBORINE, THE BENT CARBOARD POLE AS THE SWIMMING TUBE, MY SANRIO CANDY TUBES AS MARACAS, and awesome MILK DRINKING, CLOTHING SCRUBBING, CAMERA POSING, DRINK SHARING, ROLE SWITCHING, WRIST TO HEAD HITING, DUCKING AND AVOIDING, and just a general feeling that you know you’re doing a NISETAI project. Ivana man, you are overworked XD!!! We did the one-shot THREE FRIGGEN TIMES. HAHAHA OMGGG HAHAHA IT WAS SO AWESOME. Limes, puppets, strawberries, potted plant, jamming into cameras, BOOK FLIPPING HAHAHA, the total confusion and awesomeness. CRACK I SAY. CRACK.


  Whitney wrote @

YO IT WAS AMAZINGGGGG <3 nisetai all the way! can’t wait till the next meetup. we so gotta do more crazy stuff like this! i can’t stop laughing at us xD BWAHAHAH!

  Ivana wrote @

I am overworked arent i? I dunno how ryo manages to take those in-between juice breaked while scrubbing holes into shirts @_@.NISETAI WAS DEFINITELY AWESOME!We really need a sleepover to finish at least one project @_@"

  Fushi wrote @


  K. wrote @

cRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRack. $_$oh i still have to fix up them fantastippo pictures. XDDDOKAY – YES. SLEEPOVER? I DEMAND WE FINISH A PV TOO THEN! LIKE AN ACTUAL ONE. IN MORE THAN ONE SHOT. ahahah 8Doh mann. the summer time one looks fun now. @_@" but we have to choose one project to finish! yes. i agree with ivana. (although we DID finish more than one project – all those krunky cms and nawson’s! so we’re more accomplished than we think. ahha XDDD)

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