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DT outing

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Wheee back from DT ^^ Was fun today, lots of walking ^_^ WHICH IS GREAT FOR THE ENVIRONMENT =D Anyway, left the house at around 11:30-ish, arrived at Dundas Sqaure around 12pm to meet up with my awesome Japanese club members ^^ I met up with Aarathi and Sarah first, then we went to pick up Kevin who was near Queen’s station. While we were all waiting for Michelle, Jaclyn and Joe, Sarah, Aarathi and I went to sample hand cream from the nearby body shop. HAHAHA. We smelled like oranges! XD Then everyone was there 10 minutes later and we began our awesome window shopping! We stopped by like…29346296 Clik Klak stores, where we had fun looking at all the gothic/punk stuff ^^ Cept Kevin and Joe. After that, we went to awesome CHINATOWN and JOE HAS NEVER BEEN TO CHINATOWN OMG…and there was an anime store…and we hung there for a while, until Michelle and I were like LET’S GO TO KENSINGTON. AND THAT’S WHERE KEVIN AND JOE SHOWED THEIR MANLIHOOD. What manlihood? The manlihood of buying skirts for girls. HAHAHA. Oh mannnnn. They can’t bargain. Nope. Anywayyyy after that, WE ALL GOT 1 DOLLAR DINOS. AHHHHHHHH AND THEY’RE ALL DIFFERENT COLOURS XD Jaclyn’s black dino is Harold, Sarah’s lavender dino is Ku-pon, Aarathi’s reddish-brown dino is Kaare-pan, Joe’s sand coloured dino is Charlie, Michelle’s lime green dino is Maccha, and Kevin’s tan coloured dino is Bob the 5th. My chocolate coloured dino is still name-less XD BUT ANYWAY, after that, we went MORE window shopping, cuz the karaoke place was FRIGGEN EXPENSIVE…and we had fun looking at stuff in another mall in Chinatown, and Joe had fun challenging little kids who were playing some card game on the floor, and I got random strawberry keychains, and Jaclyn got a hamburger, and all the girls got lovely Japanese magazines for really cheap, and what was most epic was when this Joe went to get a key copied, and after that the old man from the key-copy store came and talked to all of us, cuz he was feeling lonely, and started talking to us in like 2746296 languages, and commenting about our appearance and relationships =_= Mwap. Then after, we went window shopping AGAIN, and after meeting up with Andrew, brave old Kevin managed to return a skirt Jaclyn had bought earlier because it was too expensive, by pretending he had bought it for his girlfriend and it didn’t fit her, and got store credit for Jaclyn ^^ That was also epic. After that, we went to Aji Sai for all you can eat sushi! Yay! $20.99 per person. Wow. But it was fun ^^ BUTTERFISH! XD! All in all it was a great day, then we all headed our different ways, and I got Michelle, Kevin, and Joe a drive back to Markham ^^

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  Whitney wrote @

awwww that sounds superrrb fun! i dun think i’ve ever been to anywhere more than Eaton’s Center when i go DT. which i VERY rarley go xD . and how manly! i wish my guy friends knew how to pick out skirts HAHAHAHAHA. sunday sundaaay woot woot. blaah. i hate school. got so much school stuff this week -_- yea. even on coop haha. -_-

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