When life gives you lemons, make grape juice and let the world wonder how you did it.


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AIFUEBIWUEBRGUIB I FRIGGEN HATE THE INTERNET AT MY STUPID HOUSE IN HAMILTON. It disconnects like every 2 minutes, and when it IS connected, it’s FRIGGEN SLOW AND DOESN’T LOAD PAGES 80% OF THE TIME. Not even MSN works, it just constantly attempts to sign me in, and fails. Oh, but Google works. And my e-mail too. BUT NOTHING ELSE. Oh, but apparently this blog is working. Odd. AEUGUIANSRUN AHHHHHHHHHHH *rips hair out* It wasn’t like this before…the Internet here was pretty fast when I first moved in…then odd things started happening when I got Internet Explorer version 8 a week ago. My computer froze a lot…but I guess it’s ok now. Hmmmmmm…My final is coming up! @_@ I didn’t study yet XD I’ll study later…I’m never in the mood to study. Meep. Been playing Gunbound 8D And I can’t wait till CNAnime! @_@ Ah! Can’t wait to LEARN THE PRINCESS BRIDE DANCE FROM YOU, ANGEL<3 Oh yeah, I completely killed my phone when I dropped it. It’s like…scratched on all the corners and the middle at the sides of the screen, but not ON the screen phewww. I was sooooo sad…only got my phone a few weeks ago…and now it looks like I’ve had it for years. Oh well. I put stickers on it ^^ The ones you put on your nails. They look surprisingly nice on my phone, even though I didn’t use them to hide the scratches. Anywayyyyyy I shall eat and drink some Chinese medicine now…my cold is still tormenting me a little bit =_=

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  Whitney wrote @

BUT UR HOME NOWWW AND DONEEEE. YAAAAAAAAAAY =D can’t wait to seee you and yessh. we’ll be dancing until our legs fall off! MUAHAHHAA. and i’m sure i’ll still "ooo" and "ahh" and squeal in delight when i see ur new phone xD so no worries!

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