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Anime North 2009

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OMG ANIME NORTH <3 Ok so…about my awesome weekend…prepare for randomness. I just write w/e pops into my head.
It was around 2 something when Joe and I were prepared to leave. I was in costume from the moment I left my room. So yes. I got stared at a lot at MAC XD Anyway, we took the GO bus from MAC at around 4 to Square One, where we met with Aarathi and she took us the rest of the way to AN ^^ I got stared at a lot on the bus and at the bus stops XD Ahaha…MIO @_@ Aarathi and I played Band Brothers on the bus ^^Anyway, when we got off, we had to walk for a long while to reach the TCC, but oh well. Anyway, I didn’t buy much on Friday, but I bought the most stuff on Friday…AND JOE CARRIED EVERYTHING FOR ME…>_> He wouldn’t let me hold anything. Baka Joe =3= He got soooo tired. So tired that he found a badge. The high-light of the day was the MIO FANCLUB. I saw Debbie again ^^ And I met Annie, Derek and Josh! That was…unexpected. XD Anyway, I got lots of pics taken as Mio ^^ The guitar from Guitar Hero must have helped a lot, or else people wouldn’t have recognized me XD And Sarah paired with me as Yui from K-On ^^ Yay! MY FEET HURT LIKE HELL OMG. I got blisters T_T Stupid high heels. Joe, Sarah and I ate at Harvey’s later that night, and a random guy came up to me and said his dream had come true cuz he saw a Mio cosplay. Weird. Anyway, I left at around…11ish? Drove Joe back to FMP and yep, that was Friday.
This day started out a little sad. I woke up early to shower and was going to be Mio for half a day, and then Yuuki from VK the rest of the day. Anyway, so AngeL came over to my house, and we were so excited ^^ She was cosplaying as Kairi from Kingdom Hearts. Anyway, we arrived at Anime North and I met Kelvin! And just as I was about to take a picture with AngeL…IT TURNS OUT I FRIGGEN FORGOT MY MIO ARM WAMER. LIKE WHAT THE HELL. THAT’S LIKE THE MAIN THING. Ok, so yeah my costume was ruined. So I decided to change into my VK costume right away…and good thing I did cuz my feet were still kinda hurting, and my VK costume had comfy boots ^^ Anyway, while I went to the washroom to change, Joe was kind enough to check in my WICKED SCYTHE for me. And he checked in the fake guitar too. Cuz he had to. Lame. We didn’t need to when I used it on Friday. ANYWAY…DID I MENTION I FOUND A BADGE INSIDE THE WASHROOM? Meh. Holy geez, I spent like…2 bucks on Saturday. On a Miku keychain. Then we went to watch the AMV contest. There were some good ones, but we didn’t stay till the end. Anyway…I got sooooo many pics taken @_@ Not so much in the morning…with my lame posing…BUT ONCE JOE TOLD ME HOW TO POSE, THEY CAME SWARMING LOL. He kept making up cool poses for me XD It was so much fun posing with other cosplayers too. A Zero came up and paired with me, and this other AWESOME scythe-wielding cosplayer came up to me too and we had like, a whole shoot going on cuz we kept doing awesome you-chop-my-head-I’ll-chop-yours poses ^^ Yeahhhh omgggg awesome. Oh yeah, Sarah, Joe and I ate expired gummy fruit candy. YAY! Oh well. Then Joe lost his phone >_< BUT WE FOUND IT YAY! Then AngeL’s friends came. AND THE RANDOMNESS STARTED. I was dared by Jacky to run after this poor cosplayer dressed as this gloved cat from some series I forgot and pretend to slice it, and I agreed CUZ I THOUGHT IT WAS A CHOCOBO. Yes, I couldn’t see very well cuz I didn’t have my glasses on. Anywayyyyyyy MACERENA. That was…epic fail. But Harris’ awesome singing was awesome. HAHA. Ivana tried to teach me the Summer Time dance again, but I sucked too much. Oh well. Then we went to the hotel and posed some more, and Jacky took some pics. I hope he shows me soon! Then I left at around 11:30. Drove Joe to FMP again ^^
AHHH…I woke up so late today, mainly cuz I ignored my alarms =_= I was planning to wake up early and shower and FINISH MY CHOBITS COSPLAY…haha. *hic* Well anyway, I DID shower, then AngeL came over, and she helped me with my costume, then we curled our hair ^^ And we looked so cute XD Yay! Well we got to Anime North at like…3:30. Meep. Oh well, I bought some more stuff from the Dealer’s Room. LIKE HELLO KITTY STUFF. HAHA, ANGEL WE’RE SO AWESOME, BUYING HELLO KITTY STUFF AT ANIME NORTH XD Surprisingly, I didn’t buy any manga this year…even though I was supposed to. Oh well. And I wanted to buy some other stuff from Artist Alley but they closed too quickly T_T Arg, darn me and my tardiness. But oh well…meep. After that, AngeL and I took a lot of pictures, cuz you know, when you’re dressed as CHOBITS, it automatically equals a photoshoot. So yeah, we posed, and Jacky took pics, and it was fun ^^ Then we went and snacked at Harvey’s. We missed the free burger thing ,but oh well. I left at around 8:30 ish, and went straight back into Hamilton. And here I am. Now to tally up the money wasting.
2 mini black Mokona plushies -$10.00 ($5.00 x 2)
Mio key chain – $2.00
Shana key chain – $2.00
Miku key chain – $2.00
Rice pin – $1.50
Chuu pin – $1.00
Sushi Nom Nom pin – $1.00
Koi pin – $1.00
Tako pin – $1.00
Yui pin – $2.00 (for Sarah)
2 Bubble Tea pins – $4.00? (2.00 x 2?)
4 random pins – $4.00 (for Joe)
Miku mouspad – $20.00 (for Joe)
Katakana anime character poster – $10.00 (for Joe)
Vampire Knight keychain – $5.00 (HAHA…HORRAY FOR AWESOME BARGAINING)
Athrun pin – $2.50
InuYasha keychain – $2.50
Random Sanrio stuff – $5.00
GUMMIES and PRETZ – $10.00 (8 packs of fruit gummies + 2 packs of Pretz)
Harveys for 3 days – $23187135
Admission – $40.00
SO without admission and Harvey’s, I spent $90.50. Not bad at all.


  Whitney wrote @

WHOAAA u bought SO MUCH STUFF! HAHAHAHA i totalli didn’t buy nething this year -_-" except for the random things i got with u on Sundaaay. MAAAN ANIME NORTH WAS SOOO FUUN. our pics are totalli awesome. can’t wait for jacky to upload xD. u looked super amazinggggggggg in all ur cosplaysss. omg. so tired at work rite now cuz of lack of sleep this weekend T_T HAHAA. but awesomest weekend EVERRR. ahhh. it’s overrr noww x_X i miss our chobits cosplaaay hahah too awesome <3AngeL

  Joe wrote @

im really glad u had such a great time with me. i wish we could have had more sleep and i brought my camera.

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