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I’m supposed to be sleeping right now…but I’ll blog first, since I haven’t done that in a while. MEEP. ANIME NORTH IS FAST APPROACHING XD WHEEEE! I’m so excited! I went over to AngeL’s yesterday and I made huge progress on my Chobits costume ^^ AND MY SCYTHE FOR MY VAMPIRE KNIGHT COSPLAY IS DOOOOOOONNNEEE XD It actually didn’t take me long, just 2 days, and most of it was just waiting for paint to dry. OMG. I love it. *evil laugh* Hmmm…I also had a lot of fun making headdresses to cover the head band which my Chobit ears are attached to. Ahhhh frills @_@ Yes, I’ve become such an expert on frills man…after sewing some onto my Mio dress, and making 2 headdresses XD Hmmm…on a not so happy note, FUSHI IS ILL >.< Arg…I hope I get better by Anime North and that THE STUPID COLD SORES WHICH HAVE BEEN INVADING MY LIPS SINCE APRIL 16 WILL HEAL. UGH. THEY’RE SO UNSIGHTLY. Ok, I shall sleep now…I need it @_@


  Whitney wrote @

I CAN"T WAITTTTT. thanks so much for the amazingg chobits head dresss =) super excited for this weekend! u gotta lemme know later in the week what times we’re going and stuff =) can’t wait to see u and take care! get well soon. ur cosplays are gonna be amazing. gotta take lots of Mio pics for me kk cuz i won’t see it >_< <3 AngeL*

  Joe wrote @

i really hope u feel better soon. EAT FOOD AND SLEEP FUSHI!!

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