When life gives you lemons, make grape juice and let the world wonder how you did it.


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OMG MIO COSPLAY RAWR. This is the fastest cosplay I’ve EVER done. Wow. P-mall had everything. I made the hat though XD AHHHHH CAN’T WAIT TILL ANIME NORTHHHHHHHHHHHHH @_@ MIOOOOOOOOO!!! And now to practice walking in high heels without embarassing myself =)


  Joe wrote @

whoo!! ANIME NORTH!!! bring mio cosplay to hamilton ^^ i wanna see it. be careful with those high heels. dont twist ur ankle right before anime north lol

  Whitney wrote @

awwww today was soo fuun =). can’t wait to meet up again next week xD i love anime north, we get to have an excuse to get together more often and it’s so much fun making stuff and dressing up with u xDDDD. so excited can’t wait! love ur costumes btw! ur gonna be amaaaazing, gotta take lotsa pics of u next time i see u xD<3 AngeL

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