When life gives you lemons, make grape juice and let the world wonder how you did it.

Pot Luck =)

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POT LUCK. AWESOME! =D I went to Andrew’s today to cook fried rice for the pot luck ^_^ IT WAS SO FUN, OMG IT WAS MY FIRST TIME COOKING RICE. ARG. Anyway, the pot luck was awesome. Aarathi, Sarah and I got so drunk on nothing and started to pretend we were a band and danced to SO MANY ARASHI SONGS MWAP. We also played charades, and the most awesome one was obviously when I had to act out "Somone accused you of being a panty thief". Fun. But people guessed it. ANYWAY, I’m going home tomorrow yay! Hopefully I can meet up with you, AngeL >_< I have to talk to you about lots of things. SO many thoughts have invaded my mind these past few days…must get them cleared out.


  Whitney wrote @

mwap! i just noticed there’s new quotes i haven’t read yet on the side of ur blog =P haha. not very observant -_-". But yea,i’m talking to u on MSN neways… BUT HAHAHA by all means, tomorrow if u wanna meet up and talk and i’m all up for it xDMiss yaaa~AngeL

  Michelle wrote @


  I said please don’t slow me down am I going too fast wrote @

wooo foood and band practise is at my place at 8 o clock, every Wednesdays. Bring the pretzels.Sarah :P

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