When life gives you lemons, make grape juice and let the world wonder how you did it.

Fushi’s Randomness

Currently listening to: Towairo no Koi – NEWS
BLAAAAA =_= Stupid math test T_T *sigh* I better study my sorry bottom off for the final if I wanna pass this course. Arg. ANYWAY, enough about me, it makes me depressed =_= Hmmm what shall I randomly spam about? Oh yes, my brain is dying. It’s being occupied by…non-university related stuff. Which is bad since I have my bio lab exam this friday, and I still have 2 term papers due next week. EXAMS ARE COMING FAST TT-TT But that is also a good thing since that means ANIME NORTH IS COMING FAST X3 Ahhhh I wanna go home and see how my costume is progressing…I was told it would be ready near the end of April. *gulp* I hope it will turn out ok x3 OH OH OH, I HAD THE MOST DELICIOUS SLICE OF CAKE EVER IN MY LIFE A FEW HOURS AGO AT BISTRO. AHHHHHHHH! I remember when I first looked at it, I was like, ok yeah it looks gross O_O But then I tried it. AND IT WAS HEAVENLY BLISS. Yum raspberry and white chocolate and banana thing and cream and cake and sugary goodness. Oh I got new headphones today. My lovely purple ones snapped. I had them for like a week =_= So what electives are you taking next year? Fushi’s logic courses, of course. But it’ll be hard to get in since it’s full every year X3


  Manson wrote @

y did you buy it if you were disgusted?

  Fushi wrote @

Did I say I purchased the cake? No.

  Whitney wrote @

OMGGG THE CAKEEEEEEEEEE. HAHAHAA. NOOO. WHY DID U HAVE TO DESCRIBEEE IT??? It’s like almost 2 AM AND U MADE ME MASSIVELY HUNGRY ALL OF A SUDDEN. NOOOO. must fight delicious cake temptation T______T. HAHAHA. and yess finals are coming upp. And my life depends on them! HAHA. so we both better study like crazzzzyyyyy. I can’t can’t can’t wait to see u after examsss. and we can work on our special cosplay pairing together xD we are going to ROCK AN and be teh prettiest cosplay pair ;D<3 AngeL*

  Joe wrote @

hmm i should stop wasting ur time… for now.

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