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Well. I went to watch Watchmen today and omg, it was sooooo scary. FOREVER TRAUMATIZED IS WHAT. I think I watched about 20% of it since 80% of the time I was hiding my face behind my friend’s jacket. AND I WAS STILL TRAUMATIZED. I didn’t really wanna see it, since my friend told me it was rated R…and the scariest thing I’ve ever seen was like…some PG-13 movie. So yeah, big jump for me. But I was invited so yeah, went anyway. Wow, I can’t believe I’m blogging this late. MIDTERMS SOON. I JUST FOUND OUT I HAVE ONE IN 2 DAYS. Oh, I finally got my curtains for my room ^_^ They’re pretty and lavender and AWESOME. Well of course they are, Fushi =) AND NOW TO GO PLAY PING PONG. Yes, at night.


  Whitney wrote @

good luck on ur midterms fushiii =) and i watched watchmen too. i watched like the late night one and damn it WAS scary! HAHAHA. the masked man freaked me outtt. oh and i didn’t watch a lot of the scary killing parts too x__X. except i didn’t have a friend’s jacket to hide behind =(( i just kinda.. curled up in my chair x__X. hahahah! newaays. i dun think i can come into mcmaster this weekend. but we will try to plan something out before finals kk? hahah <3 AngeL*

  Joe wrote @

hmm i wonder who the jacket belonged to. lol we played more pool instead of ping pong.

  Sarah wrote @

lucky!!!! did u like it

  Thavisha wrote @

I accidently clicked this March and found this blog. *cough* Yes. Ahem. Anyway, I remember watching Watchmen (see what I did thar?) and it was kinda scary and gory and I didn’t like it. I thought the whole movie was pretty bad, although that’s just my opinion lol.

  Thavisha wrote @

I saw it with a friend of mine and he’s used to movies like that. So whenever a scary/gory scene popped up and I literally jumped in my seat, he’d laugh at me. Or well, he’d try not to laugh but its obvious he was holding it in. He still teases me about it ;_;

  Thavisha wrote @

The word limit for this is really small, I had to split the above into two comments because of that. That’s kinda irritating.

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