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Housing O_O

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Wheeee I finally found a house to live in next year! AND I’M GONNA BE LIVING WITH AMY THE PEANUT AND NATASHA THE PINK SQUIRREL YAY. It’s a pretty nice place, it was newly renovated, and there are 11 rooms total over 3 floors. Amy, Natasha and I are all living in the 3 rooms on the first floor, all in a row ^_^ Wooo~ The rent is $425 a month + utilities >_< It’s expensive TT_TT But oh well. My parents went to see the place today along with Amy’s dad and Natasha’s parents =) And we all signed the contract together. Man this is so exciting. I’m gonna be needing a new bed and fridge and stuff. *gulp* I’M GONNA GO POOR. I WON’T BE ABLE TO GO TO JAPAN AND ATTEND A NEWS CONCERT T-T. Anyway, just came back from Boston Pizza with my parents (we can use our student cards there XD!) and now I’m gonna go be a bum.


  Manson wrote @

Congrats O_O…

  Whitney wrote @

ooo fushi dear! HAHAHA. nice nice. i’m getting my housing soon too. hahaha. living close to campus in thesenew apartment suites! WOOOT. Yeaa… sry i didnt get to take many pics x_X i totally forgot to give my camera toppl in the audience to film the show =_____=". HHAHAH. if u want tho, i can send u a site that has a bunch of pro pic captures from the whole show. haha. Didn’t find any good pics of me tho =P blaah! And yes, i shall definitely come visit u sometime this or next month in mac i hopee! and ur rent is a lot cheaper than ours. LOL. so no worries! and we’ll chat this weekend about anime north moneey stuff. i’ll try to get it all done O_O"<3 angeL

  Julie wrote @

AHH! PICTURES, WOMAN! I still haven’t found a place, and I’ve been looking since Jan. 10.But yeah, I wanna see it :D

  Joe wrote @

i flipped out in january when ppl were looking for houses and got a house asap. i dont even remember what the house looks like or where it is now. when are u going to japan?

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