When life gives you lemons, make grape juice and let the world wonder how you did it.

Fushi’s Epic Fail Story

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Fushi lost her key pouch on Friday O_O It contained her student card, residence access card, room key, mailbox key, Japanese club card, and 65 dollars. She lost it right before she had to go home, perhaps while dashing to earlier classes than what was on her schedule so she could catch an earlier GO bus with Amy the peanut. She didn’t realize either until she was at the cashier buying drinks, and when she reached her hand into her pocket, her key pouch wasn’t there. Amy the peanut helped pay for her drinks. Fushi received an e-mail saying her key pouch was found on Friday at noon, but of course she had no Internet over the weekend so she couldn’t rejoice back home, and checked when she got back to residence, with help from Amy the peanut. She picked up her key pouch today. Everything was in there. There really are nice people in the world. Amy the peanut agrees.


  Whitney wrote @

Awww fushi!! That must have been a yucky weekend then =(. But at least u found ur stuff! Phew* And yaay for nice ppl! I wish that everything I lost would end up being found just like your stuff! XD. Maaan… ur new house sounds SOOO EXCITING! I love new places, can’t wait to see it when it’s doneeeee xD AHHHHHH *runs in circles*. Sigh… another week of schoool T___T. Can’t wait till reading week either X___X". The work is gonna start piling up soon =( Ahhh. best of luck to u for ur school term too! Miss you a bunch!<3 AngeL*

  Joe wrote @

im glad nothings lost. did u find out who found it?

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