When life gives you lemons, make grape juice and let the world wonder how you did it.


Currently listening to: Happy Birthday – NEWS
Well I didn’t sleep at all. Or rather, I tried and I couldn’t. I didn’t feel too well…tummy was hurting soooo badly I couldn’t sleep. And I kept sweating. I opened up the windows, and then I was too cold. So I put on more blankets. But that made me too hot. So I took off the blankets. BUT THEN IT WAS FREEZING. Geez wth is wrong with me.
ANYWAY, I NEVER BLOGGED ABOUT SUNDAY. NISEMONO. O.O AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Oh, and Jin-lover, sorry we couldn’t really celebrate your birthday =( BUT THE CMS MORE THAN MAKE UP FOR IT. HAHAHAHA. *hic* I still remember how Money and I tricked you when we hid Skissors underneath the pile of clothes. HAHAHA.
3 CMs IN ONE DAY PEOPLE. 2 Crunky, 1 with KAT-TUN, 1 with Kame, and of course, 1 LAWSON CM WITH NEWS!!!
Ok, that tribal dance one was soooo good. We got it in like…2 takes? Or like one. OMG, CLOTHES. THE CLOTHESSS I SAY. We are quite the brilliant. And we even had the Crunky chocolate! But of course, we used Hershey’s instead, cuz Crunky’s just THAT good, and we put the Hershey’s inside the Crunky box O_O TAPED IT. WITH MY HELLO KITTY TAPE. FROM 10 YEARS AGO. Yes.
HAHA, KAME AND THE JUMPING PEOPLE. Holy geez, how long did that take us? Well, we had to bother so many people for that one, we kept asking neighbours if we were allowed to film outside their house. HAHAHAHAHA…omg…I practically rapped all the closets in my house to find stuff. AND OMG, WAS IT BRILLIANT. Yes, the awesome waiter, schoolgirls, the jogger…HAHA. AND OF COURSE, THE ANIMAL TOSSING. HAHAHAHAHA OMGGGGG that shall be quite the something…MONEY, MAKE IT GOOD!!!
Then of course, we had our LAWSON CM. WITH THE DOMINO CHAIN. HAHAHA, WE GOT THAT IN 2 TAKES. HOLY GEEZ. But we practiced a lot. BUT STILL. Yes, my backyard is the best place for Lawson CMs *nods* I got bitten by sooooo many mosquitoes @_@ And holy, the chicken. I ate 3 of them you know?


  Manson wrote @

Why don’t you use only 1 blanket then…

  lichi wrote @

Dude, i know u dont want me bug u on msn =[ thats why i want to wish u good luck here =] i hope u do well, dont stress out too much la, remeber my article LOL u are a speical person dont forget that

  Whitney wrote @

Omgg fushiii. baha. I remember I read this the first day u posted, but i was too busy to post a comment. And now I’m back to post a comment! Haha! Oh maaan. So glad u did well on ur midterms =) *big breath of relief!* Hahaha. Ur halfway thru first term! Woot! Just a bit more to go… then.. PERFECT WORLD LIKE CRAZY THIS CHRISTMAS =DDD! Hopefully the game client works out for u o_O But take ur time on it… studies first! hahaa. I haven’t been playing much lately neways. and OH YES. i still owe u a screenshot of my ugly made char. HAHA. AND MAAN. the nisemonos were WICKED. had so much fun! hahahah! can’t wait to see them alll T_T AND OMG.
CAN"T SUPER DUPER WAIT FOR JE COVER GROUPPP!! AHHH that’s gonna be soo much wicked fun!!!! Ahhh. holidays are gonna be soo awesome this year =D
So yeaa. Good luck with the rest of ur school term and take care sweetie!
<3 AngeL

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