When life gives you lemons, make grape juice and let the world wonder how you did it.

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NEWS, SUMMER TIME PV! Gosh I really can’t wait to finish it. *sobs* Guyssss when are you freeeeeeeeeeee??? >_< Oh, we still need a group name! WHAT ARE WE GONNA CALL OURSELVES?!??! I was thinking maybe a word that the NEWS people always say…like UMAI HAHAHAHAHA…*silence* Anyway…*sigh*…my summer has been pretty much miserable. Got piano lessons twice a weak since my piano exam is on August 12. To be honest, I haven’t been practicing much, even though I tell myself every single day to practice…>_> Mainly been drawing and watching anime…but even though that’s mainly what I’ve been doing, it’s not like I’m doing it 24/7. PrisKilla says it best, I have been reduced to afternoons and evenings. (I wake up at like 3 guys) UGHHHH O[]O <– HAHAHAHA, but that’s cuz I stay up till…4-5ish. Oui. On a brighter note, my residence buddies have been decided, and even though Amy and I both requested to be buddies in a double occupancy room, they shoved us into a quad (4) room with 2 others. I hope we get along XD Surprisingly, now that I think about it, the thing I’m going to miss the most once I enter my residence will be…*DUN DUN DUN*…my piano. YEAH. My friggen, stupid, fat, piece of ugly lard of a piano. Ok, no it’s not an ugly piece of lard, but gosh, you’d imagine that with the number of times I got mad at it I would be elated to be seperated from it. But no. Odd. I guess it’s cuz randomly out of nowhere I’d start playing the piano. For fun. FOR FUN DANG IT. That is a problem. ANYWAY, TEGOMASU HAS A NEW SONG OUT. AHHHHHH. *DIES* HOLY CRAP, YESTERDAY THIS EARWIG WAS ON MY MOUSE BUT I DIDN’T NOTICE IT AND I PUT MY HAND ON MY MOUSE SO I LIKE, FRIGGEN TOUCHED THAT NASTY THING. UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. I MUST HAVE WASHED MY HAND 284686 TIMES AFTERWARD. Stupid thing making my waste water. Oh and today, the ceiling outside my washroom was FILLED WITH 234682686 BABY SPIDERS. HOLY CRAP THEY WERE LIKE, SMALL, BUT I COULD SEE THEM AND THEY WERE GROSS AND UGHHHH. I yelled for my parents and they both came up and stared at the ceiling and were like O____________O OMG!!! Yeah. Let’s see what I’ve done so far in my pointless summer.
– watched anime
           – Special A (still watching)
           – Magical Lyrical Nanoha (finished all 3 seasons)
           – Neo Angelique Abyss (TEGOMASU SANG THE ENDING SONG), watching 2nd season
           – 2 Pokemon movies! (my mom wanted to see them)
– did JE related stuff
           – went crazy over NEWS/Masuda 29489287 times, and went crazy over Koichi with PrisKilla
           – watched Domoto Kyoudai (Gosh I lost count how many I saw)
           – watched random Tegomasu goodness (TEGOSHI IS TOO ROMANTIC)
           – managed to get a hold of many new JE songs
           – burned my Tegomasu CD (ONLY TO FIND OUT 2 DAYS LATER THEY HAVE A NEW SONG)
– played piano more than usual
           – Learned my first study in 3 days
           – Re-learned my Prokofiev, Debussy, Mozart
– did other stuff
           – cleaned my closet 294969 times,  and screwed it over again 2969426 times
           – cleaned the house 2868276 times, and screwed it over again 284682673 times
           – went to pick up my graduation photo(s)
Oh wow, so I haven’t done much. At all.


  Whitney wrote @

heey fushiii ~ i am bored today and dun feel like starting earlie on my hmwk… so yesh! i have come to comment on ur blog! come to think of it.. i haven’t touched my blog in a while… again -_-. rofllll. maan.. my final exams are coming up soon… and that basically determines whether i pass first year or fail… so….. =S. not doing that great >_<. can’t wait till everything is over. i hope we meet up again in august to finish up the NEWS PV! i was realli excited for that and i wanna learn the whole dance. PLUS all the new dances that u showed me that we should learn! they are sooo awesome =D . hahaha! and omg. we gotta catchup before u head off to uni. i’m gonna miss u sooooo much! well i do all the time cuz we dun see each other much nemore! BUT STILL! i’ma see if i can visit u too eh? cuz i’m gonna be living back in richmond hill for my next coop term! i think i’m working at IBM but damn that guy that’s supposed to gimme my job info hasn’t gotten back to me yet…. i think i should email him again =S. haha. newaysss. good luck with piano and everything! enjoy ur summer! realli! oh btw… remind me again… what program at mcmaster? i have bad memory =( *sniff*
<3 AngeL*

  Sara wrote @

OMG baby spiders. EW.EW.EW.EW.
ahaha imagine what would happen if no one noticed it for a looooooooong time. BIG HAIRY TARANTULAS . RAWRRRR. ON YOUR CEILING.
*flying caterpiller throws itself onto fushi and splats into green slime*
*massu cleans it up with vaccuum cleaner, sucking up fushi too*
the end.
-meooooo chan. XD

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