When life gives you lemons, make grape juice and let the world wonder how you did it.


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Beyond screwed. Screwed doesn’t even begin to describe how doomed I am. Like my MSN name says…*ahem* NOT EVEN MASUDA CAN SAVE ME NOW!!! Yes, that sure brings a light onto things. Let’s see…I have my religion and chemistry exam tomorrow, and calc on Thursday. I didn’t study for religion yet. It’s at 9am. Tomorrow. And chem is at 12:30. Tomorrow. AND I NEED TO MAKE MY CHEAT SHEET. Arggggggg >_> Another point to prove that I’m screwed is I read the chem textbook 2478286 times already and I still can’t remember anything. Oh, and that plus the fact that I’m typing this. I can’t help but laugh at my situation. I dropped 7% in chemistry >_> I’M NOT EVEN FAILING ANYMORE. It’s not called failing.
Ughhh I just don’t get anything. Chem is friggen math, and math just…just…*IMPLODES* Religion I think I will be ok, cuz I just had my philosophy exam on Friday, and it is very similar to what I’m learning in religion…and even if I fail my religion exam, I’ll get above 80 for final, so that’s not too bad. BUT CHEM. AND MATH. AHHHHHHHH. No wait. CHEM. AND CALC. THE EVIL C’s OF FUSHI’S DOOM. Let us now take the time to honour the brave squid who decided to venture into the lost city of purple dresses.

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