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Fushi’s Randomness

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Ugh…I HATE PIANO…no…rather, I hate all the stupid exams and stuff I have to do/study/learn BECAUSE I take piano. My mom’s forcing me to take History 4 and Harmony 4 cuz she thinks it’s a waste if I just take my grade 10 piano exam and not get the certificate. Ughhhhh >_> No one will understand this blog unless they take piano. *sigh* We got into a huge fight, myself stating that the certificate is useless unless I’m going towards a career in music, and my mom stating how it looks good on resumes. Correction ma’am. NO ONE FRIGGEN CARES THAT YOU HAVE A GRADE 10 PIANO CERTIFICATE. No one even LOOKS at it. You tell them you have a certificate for grade 10 piano? They’ll look at you like you’re some alien or something. Who gives if you have the darn piece of paper. UGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! It’s not worth the money and time, to take History 4 and Harmony 4 I mean. I don’t mind the practical exam…WHY IS MY MOM SO FRIGGEN ASIAN. So now, I have to take my History 4 this summer. My piano exam is this summer. It’s my last summer to be with my friends cuz I’m dorming at McMaster soon and my parents will friggen put security cameras in my room to make sure I don’t go out with friends.
On a lighter note, I have so many tests and assignments next week. I’m so screwed in chem also. I think I’m doing better in calc and vectors than chem. Which is really weird. Quite the weird. *sigh* ONLY ONE MORE MONTH, FUSHI!!! ONE DARN HARD MONTH!!! HANG IN THEREEEEEEEEE >_<!!!!!!!!!


  Wing-Wei wrote @

Adri dear, you will do fine. Absolutely, the piano certificate theory is correct. LoL
No one would really care if you have it or not. It’s just a self achievement. On the
side note, do spend your last summer with friends that are close to you. It may be
that you might not get the chance to hang out again like you used to. Nevertheless,
are you excited? I know I would be. ^^; Are you serious about the camera? One of
my cousin’s parent actually did that which was really awkward. Anyways, since you
are dorming, perhaps I’ll visit you sometime. Then you can show me around. LoL
Just one more month eh? Take lots of pictures PLOX.

  Whitney wrote @

fushii hunnn <3 i miss u soo much. sorry i haven’t been catching up with u lately but i’ve been soo damn busy at waterloo =(. I’m rarely even on my comp except for at nite to chat with ppl and of course the retarded annoying webcamming convo i must have with my mom EVERY SINGLE FRIGGIN NIGHT where we talk about nothing but her reminding me to do this and not to do that. -_-" i totally tune out of those convos. maan i miss u SOO friggin much. i’m coming back for the canada day long weekend… maybe we can meet up? >_< soo stressed at school rite now… midterm time and im friggin failing all my courses… like seriously not asian fail… but like 40% failage. sooo effed. blaaah. hope we can have some girl bonding time sooon. then we can chat about everything like stressful parents, uni life, retarded piano class… etc etc. love u so much fushiii! hang in there for ur final year. u can do it =)
<3 AngeL

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