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Well, surprisingly, I had more fun than I had expected today. My mind was all over my lost wallet. *sigh* Anyway, my 3rd time to Wonderland in like 10 years (yes, I am a deprived child). I loved smuggling food into Wonderland. (cuz they check your bags)
Fushi: *sees that bags were being checked* HOLY SCREW. *looks inside her bag and stares at all the juice boxes and snacks*
Ivana, Skissors: O.o
Fushi: Cover me. *stuffs some of the snacks into my baggy sleeves*
Fushi: No one will know…XD *puts the remaining snacks into my DS bag*
*arrives at the person who was checking the bags*
Fushi: *opens bag* *speaks at warp speed and points at each object as I say them* This is my home key, here’s my phone, here’s my MP3 player, here’s my bag with my DS inside and that’s all I have.
Ok. Anyway, I was seriously planning to not go on ANY roller coaster. And stick to the spinning teacups. And merry-go-round. But no. I went on…let’s see…Julie went on Rip Tide with Amy, Ivana and Ewa because their bus got to Wonderland earlier.  So Skissors and I saw them and just stared, cuz that ride looked DANG SCARY. Yeah. Then Julie and I wanted to go on the spinning teacups, but we went on this spinning barrel thing, which was worse than I thought, and yeah, got soooo dizzy and my hair kept flying into my face, and that actually hurt. Then Julie dragged me onto the Rage, where I sat in the DANG SPLAT MIDDLE with Skissors cuz I thought I would be scared, and I really was scared, and I think I screamed a few times (that’s how chicken I am guys) but then I wanted to go on it again afterwards, so yeah. Hmm…After the Rage, I think we went to…the Nightmare? Omg…that spinny one where you’re standing one minute and flying the next right, Skissors? Oh geez that totally freaked me out >_< I was trying to make myself as small as possible, and I realized it hurt my neck like crazy, so then I lay back and tried to sleep and felt better. Yep. Erm…after the Nighmare, I think we went on…erm…I’m not sure. But I know we went to some..Clockwork thing was it? It was fun to walk past the big scary roller coasters and listen to the satisfying screams. Anyway, we then went on the Fly cuz it looked not scary but it was SCARY AHHHHH I felt like I was gonna fall holy screw, how do people enjoy these things? =.= Well then we caught word that Ewa and Amy and Tae and Christine had dragged Skissors to BEHEMOTH and we were like OH NO SHE’LL DIE! So we ran from the Fly alllllll the way to Behemoth, where we FOUND HER and rescued her ^_^ Yay! She was thankful too haha, that roller coaster was…*passes out* Ok so yeah, Julie, Ivana, Michelle, Skissors and I decided we valued out lives, so we went to BUMPER CARS YAY! And boy was it fun to keep crashing into Ivana haha, then I got stuck when I rammed into Julie hahaha! Oh well. Oh oh, and there was another swingy one, and yeah that was nice too hehe. Oh, and ANOTHER swingy one. That was also nice. Then erm…we had lunch, where they TOTALLY RIP YOU OFF, so Ivana ate her own lunch, and I ate some Pretz Skissors smuggled in, and yeah. THEN IVANA LET ME LISTEN TO ASIA NO YORU AND AHHHHHHHHHHHH. Oh then she danced. In front of everyone. And I sang the tune. Fun. Well it was about 1 when that happened, so we decided to go on one more roller coaster, and I forgot what it was called, but your feet dangle and it wasn’t scary, it was nice and breezy haha. Erm…THEN INSANE PICTURE TAKING HAHA yes, quite the awesome if I do say so myself. And yeah…THEN BUS RIDE HOMEEEEEEEEEEEE. And now I must go practice piano.

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  Manson wrote @

Yeah, bumper cars are fun and the lines are short =D… You didn’t try the drop zone =.=… it actually isn’t that scary…

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