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University Acceptances

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I just checked my email a few days ago…after neglecting it for about a month, and realized I was accepted into UT’s Scarborough campus for Biological Sciences (Life Science). Which I was happy for. I’m still waiting for St. George’s offer for Life Science (Psychology), if I get one…but yeah…>_> Weird subheadings…
But anyway, my mom totally does not want me to go to UT’s Scarborough campus cuz it looks bad on resumes. She said she’d rather I go to York (since I got accepted into both my programs there) Apparently, everyone knows the Scarborough is easiest campus to get into, and they’ll all judge me for being stupid. Well sorry. Does she not realize that only certain campuses have certain programs? Hm…
And now, since she doesn’t want me to go to a “bad reputation-ed campus”, she’s willing to pay more money for me to dorm at McMaster, since I got accepted there as well, and yeah…she totally wants me out of the house now.
ARG…McMaster is actually my last resort…I don’t want to dorm. No matter how good their science programs are. I know McMaster is best known for their science programs but…I can’t dorm. I hate it. I’d die from…lack of self-preservation…I can’t take care of myself. I don’t even wash the dishes for crying out loud. I don’t do the laundry, I don’t/can’t cook, I hardly make my BED. Yeah, I shouldn’t dorm. No way. Not at all.
I wouldn’t mind dorming at Waterloo though, SINCE YOU’RE THERE, ANGEL T-T But I doubt I’d get accepted there since my mom made me apply for co-op, and I have no experience what-so-ever in that. And I sorta sent my AIF a tad late…>_>
So yeah, my mom made me accept McMaster’s offer…but “I can always change it when I want to”…=_=” Obviously she has no intention of letting me go to UT at all. What is so bad about UT? I’m not saying anything bad against McMaster, and I know many people wish to go there…but I just wanna go to UT…is that so bad of me? And it’s close to home…do parents wanna kick their child out that badly? I always thought it was the children who wanted to be independent. I won’t wanna be independent. I wanna be a kid forever. If I had the choice, I wouldn’t even go to university. Waste of money honestly…what percent of students actually come outta universities and go into the fields they studied for? I’d probably end up being a hobo on the street anyway, so why not start now? I just wanna get over with highschool and be over with education. Screw education. I hate school.
I am done with my rant.
Don’t even get me started on my debate in philosophy class =.=


  Manson wrote @

… Thats the asian way of life…

  Unknown wrote @

Wait wait, you already accepted? WHY?! D: Why would you do that? Wait for your UTSG offer man.
Bah, well, too late now anyway. At any rate, you should wait for UTSG’s reply. I think it’d be best if you went there anyway. Don’t listen to your mom, haha. Don’t go to Mac just cause she wants you to =P Choose the school YOU want to go too. After all, it’s you who should decide what you learn, and where you go in life, not your parents. Plus, you’re already 18. At any rate, I would’ve said not to accept anything yet, but since you already have… the only thing you can do is not apply for res/courses/etc. until you’ve got word from UTSG.
Granted, you might get lower priority if you apply to res later. The other thing is, if you know someone who’s going to Mac, and you’re close enough w/ them, you can room w/ them =) Plus, laundry isn’t that bad, neither is making your bed. Food, you don’t have to cook, there are cafs on campus. So…. I’d say MAC is a second choice, if you don’t get your offer from UT…
Teresa goes to UT Scarborough, by the way.

  Unknown wrote @

One last thing… You don’t have to put "UT Scarborough" on your resume. You’re completely free to put "University of Toronto". No one really knows (or cares) which campus you came from, and what you put on your resume is totally up to you.
And co-op ALWAYS looks good on a resume. Always. (Plus, it’s extra $$$)

  -Peachea- wrote @

Heya Adrienne. Im sure you can get into UTSG. They’re usually a lot later than the other campuses and i was initially afraid that i couldnt get in since all my friends got their acceptance two days before me. Even if you dont get in this year, you should go for UTSC because you can always transfer back to UTSG in your second year. Good luck!

  Whitney wrote @

OMG *APPLAUSE APPLAUSE* CAN I GET SOME APPLAUSE IN THE HOUSEEEE?? I AM LIKE OMFG 1583048% AGREED WITH YOU HUN!!!!! love that rant XD hahaha! parents can be SOO BLAH! i remember my mom tried to bash me for going to Waterloo instead of UT cuz UT is well-known around the world… and her relatives were like… eww… why didn’t ur daughter go to UT ewww… wth is waterloo. then i’m just like. mom lemme talk to them. aha. own their asses cuz WATERLOO HAS THE BEST COOP PROGRAM IN THE WORLDDD FOR ENGINEERING… WHAT WHAT? =D That’s rite… screw those old fashioned losers out there who don’t understand a thingg. You’re gonna be the one making big bucks in the future newayz… so u can own them up when ur done with it xD! I’ve done that soo many times.. .prove old fashioned ppl wrong!!!! WE WILL BE KIDS FOREVERRRRRR MUAHAHAHHA! and yes. don’t worry if u go to mcmaster, I promise I will take any free weekends out to bus to ur place and hang with u! It’s not too far away xD and Greyhound is the bestest! Takes u everywhere u need to go! bwahahahaah! I will bring u cake and lotsa of plushies and I will cook for u too =DDD BAHAHAH! *has gone crazy and hyperventilates*
don’t stresssss about uniiii! go with what u think is best =D it’s ur life! i will always back u up!
<3 AngeL*

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