When life gives you lemons, make grape juice and let the world wonder how you did it.

Fushi’s Easter Break

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ARG MY COMPUTER JUST FROZE ON ME…so let’s type this again…=.=
Ok…so I haven’t done any of my school work yet XD Been so lazy and…well…too obsessed over MASSU’S DRAMAS XD Watched 2 of them XD I LOVE THEM AHHHH XD
Ok…what else. Oh yes. On Friday, my parents, for God knows what reason, decided out of the blue to go to Hamilton and visit McMaster (OMG I THOUGHT IT WAS MCMASTERS…like…with an ‘s’) University since I am potentially going there…no reason how I got accepted…BUT ANYWAY. Yeah ok, an hour drive to get there, and we stayed for about 15 minutes? It was a nice place I guess…THEY HAVE THEIR OWN SHUTTLEBUS XD Oh and a hospital on campus too…I wonder if it’s run by the students? AHAHAHAHA! Ok…so yeah, it’s quite old and it’s big…BUT OF COURSE NOT AS BIG AS ST. GEORGE CAMPUS AT UT! Ok…so let’s go home already. Well on the highway, we spotted a sign that read NoteAFRICAN LION SAFARINote NEXT EXIT and we were like, WELL SINCE WE’RE OUT HERE ANYWAY, LET’S GO BUG SOME LIONS AND HAVE OUR WINDSHIELD WIPERS RIPPED OFF BY MONKEYS. Ok…so 45 minutes later, we realized that the "next exit" was quite far (aka we were lost)…so we asked so many people at random locations to help us out…HAHA…so yeah ok, no problem, nice people. 20 minutes later, WE ARRIVE! YAY! Oh it’s closed. WELL DUHHHHH FUSHI, IT’S GOOD FRIDAY! EVERY SINGLE FRIGGEN PLACE WOULD BE CLOSED WITH THE EXCEPTION OF RANDOM ASIAN PLACES. Ok…so let’s go home =D
Um…yay I finally finished watching Matrix (the first one) on Thursday in Philosophy class XD I LOVE IT SO MUCHHHHH AHHH XD Ok…>_>
I got my prom dress yesterday =.= Ugh…it was HALF PRICE BUT STILL $155 LIKE WTH =.= Ok…that was a total waste of money, since I already had like 10 potential prom dresses…my mom likes wasting money on me =.= And now, since it’s not a long dress, I need to find "shoes" to go with it, cuz running shoes won’t work. *sigh* Well sorry for being a person who likes running shoes =.=
Ok, I really should go do my religion assignment and study for chemistry >_<


  Unknown wrote @

I wanna see your prom dress!

  Ivana wrote @

ahahaha – lovely place mcmaster… wanna see it for myself *nods*I want to see your prom dresses too!!! >_<

  Manson wrote @

lol, yeah, all the malls closed @_@ cept for pmall… hmm, matrix, I saw the 2nd and the 3rd, but not the 1st for some reason… oh well, I shall get to it… someday XD Hmm, prom… I got nothing to wear, I wish I could ask you for one, but then I don’t wear dresses =| Ne ways, have fun with religion and chem

  Whitney wrote @

OMG FUSHIIIIIIIII!!!! ur going to mcmaster?? or still decidinggg?? MMM. LET MEE KNOWW ONCE U"VE ACCEPTED UR UNI AND WHAT PROGRAAAM!!! I WILL VISIT U AT UNI!!! LOL!!! And omggg! LOL! that must’ve been a heck of a lot of sitting in the car for the easter break >_<" but ooooooo! i can’t wait to see ur prom dressss =D short dresses are cute =) When is ur prom? So you want my tiara and my hair curler stuff?? Maybe i can help u outtt if i’m not in waterloo at that timee! If not, i’ll just stop by and leave the stuff for u =) I have soo much randomm pretty stuff that i never wear cuz it’s too formal!!! I will let u use for prom if u likes! But yeaaa. AN cominggg up! omggg. i have a big urge to MAKE the lenne cosplay since i already found all the materials and what not. but IUNNO. are u gonna join JIdol or nething this yearrr? Lets join together if u are okaay? =D And how’s ur asian idol thing coming?? Good luck on that eh??? I will come watch u when u make it to the finals XDDD Alriteeee. I will talk to u sometime on MSN. My stupid internet keeps dropping A LOT lately =( But yeaa. YOU ENJOY SCHOOL TOO KK??? it’s ur final year. u should!
and yea! we must play DS together! I just got a bunch of new games. I’ll share them with u xD!
<3 AngeL*

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