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YA Competition

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OMGGGG I’M DONEEEEEEE WOOOOOOOOOO XD I just got home…at like…12…haha. Though I didn’t win, I managed to get the President’s Award for Achievement. Wow I wonder how that happened hahaha XD  Congrats to Ou, Carina, and Tolu respectively for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place XD 
So I arrived at Shangri-La Banquet Hall at 3:45…even though the show starts at 8:30 =.=  Didn’t do much, we (contestants and I) went over everything and then we were pretty much free to do whatever we wanted. So we all went to the room with all the food and just played games and worried over our speeches, IQ question answering, and talent preformance.
I actually wasn’t quite nervous…I was much more nervous for the preliminary rounds for sure *nods* The random topic I had to blab on the spot about was homelessness, and I had 2 minutes to talk about it…but I couldn’t come up with good ideas so I talked about my personal beliefs and a few resolutions for about a minute. My IQ question was "If I could be invisible for an entire day, where would I go and what would I do". That is like…the worst possible question. I managed to ramble and ramble and at the end got a few smiles from the judges. I don’t remember what my answer was. Oh well. I really liked the last IQ question that was given to the last contestant: "If you had to choose between sight and hearing, which would it be and why?". I could have easily answered that…I think about it alot =.= Anyway, I sang Every Heart for my talent, half in English and half in Japanese XD Woooo…go BoA~
So yeah…phew…so glad that’s all over *nods*


  Whitney wrote @

Awww sweeetiee!!!! It’s alriteee! You must’ve been AWESOMEEE! Congratz on ur award tooo! Must’ve been hard for u on stage blabbing about all that random stuff on the spot >_< But YOU MADE IT THRU WOOHOO! Now that that’s overrrr, you can take with u the experience (very useful for the future) and ur lovely friends u made there! Well wellll, cant wait to have my bday cake with u this coming weekend! Oh yeaaaa, see if you can come down to waterloo this sunday ? Andddd i’m not sure what exactly to do for my bday since not many peeps gonna be around, so u got any ideas? SooooOOooo time for me to finish physics hmwk =( Busyyyy week coming up with me being MC monday nite.. no time for hmwk >_< But i’ll tell u about all the jokes and fun afterrr. Haveee a gd week!
<3 AngeL

  Whitney wrote @

oh teehehehehehe xD

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