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I FINALLY decided to brighten up and go to school for my timetable.  I made them print it out for me and there were so many changes to make =.=  After I changed everything, I go home…AND THERE’S MY TIMETABLE IN THE MAIL HAHAHA…*hic*  Oh well…needed to go to school anyway =)
First Semester                                                               Second Semester
Functions and Relations – Rotolo                                    Art – O’ Brian
AP English – Doyle <– changed to philosophy                    Religion – Lacaria
Biology – Verre <– changed to English                              Lunch
Lunch                                                                              Calculus – Mori
Computer Graphics – <–changed to AP Biology T_T          Chemistry – Pezzuti <–WTH…    
So…I HAD to drop computer graphics…cuz AP bio was only available in 4th period, first semester…and obviously I CAN’T take AP English cuz I’m not capable of 2 AP courses…so byebye AP English (sorry Julie) and hello regular English with MR. FLAIM MUAHAHAH *hic*  So that leaves me with a spare in 2nd period…BUT MY MOM WON’T LEMME HAVE A SPARE…so she made me take philosophy…*sigh*

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  Manson wrote @

Ouch! Well, i think i will have a spare by 1st report card XD hmm, i dont think i can add bio back T_T the guidance is only open for registrations or something! Well, at least you can slack off 2nd period instead =D

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